Monday, 31 August 2009

Chygrynskiy officially presented as Barcelona player

During a press conference, Dmytro Chygrynskiy has been officially presented as new Barcelona player. Chygrynskiy will play with shirt number 21.

"It has been a long negotiation but we have achieved our goal. The player comes for a position Josep Guardiola had asked us to strengthen. I would point out his personality and his professionalism, which he also proved at the European Super Cup where he would deal with the pressure."

"After having decided that we wanted to sign a defender, Chygrynskiy was our first option. We aslo thought about a full-back but in the end we decided to go for a centre-back and we've fought until the last day to get the best option.

Chygrynskiy is calm and he transmits that to the team, he has good heading qualities and he can build up from behind, something that is fundamental for our game. He cannot take part in the Champions League but he is a young player, only 22 years old. He gives more certainty at the centre-back positions, which is a complicated position."

"My wish to play for Barça has finally been fulfilled. It has been a long process and at certain moments we seemed to have reached a dead point. But I'm grateful for the continued interest of Barça. I also want to thank Shakhtar, which has been a family for me.

When they told me that I had to play the Champions League, I couldn't refuse that but I told the president and the coach that I nevertheless had the desire to leave for Barcelona. My first memory of Barcelona dates from the 1933-1994 season when Romario played at Barça and especially a game against Manchester United. That's why I have been following the results of Barcelona with a lot of interest.

I think that Barça and Shakhtar have a similar style of controlling the ball. I think that my way of playing can fit in and that I can add something to the team... My example has always been Laurent Blanc. I don't think I will have more pressure because the coach explicitly wanted me.

I'm happy with how my new team-mates have welcomed me today, I felt good about it. I have also spoken with Guardiola about technical issues and he explained me that he wants me to integrate into the team quickly and to start working with the group as soon as possible.

Every player should be aware that how higher he goes, how bigger the pressure will be. It's normal that I don't want to disappoint anyone but I feel ready. I know what this club represents and I promise to do everythign I can to learn the language as soon possible which should help me to adapt to the team and the city."

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Anonymous said...

Now he'll be Chigro.

John said...

He will be important in la liga when we play CL matches, and in the crazy january-february period, when we can play lots of copa del rey matches.

Tohar Investment Limited said...

barca to play inter milan inthe first game of the champions league in the san siro,italy.
sory for the off topic.we welcome u cheggy,but why wearing the no of hleb?does that mean that hleb is not counted on again?

Anonymous said...

Im still hoping for a LW

messidona10 said...

welcome dima!!

Pablo from the Philippines said...

Welcome to FC Barcelona, Dmytro! I'm sure you will bolster even further the team.

Barca2009 said...

Chygy should've been given no.23 or 25 jersey. 21 is the number of a winger!!

tero said...

I'm sure he makes an impact right away

LeónDragón said...

21 was the number of the legendary, goalscoring midfielder LUIS ENRIQUE.
also think, that this number should had been given to an attacking midfielder, but doesn't matter, when chigy represent it with pride and at least good performances

Aussie Barca Fan said...

I am glad we signed Chigsy and I wish him all the best. I think he will be a great signing for us.

Instinct said...

Best of luck Chigy I'm sure you'll be a solid defender, learn a lot from our amazing back line defensive veterans, coach, and contribute your best every game.
Besides if your first memories of Barcelona have started in 1933 you should already understand the Barca style of controlling the

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