Monday, 24 August 2009

Caparros: "Barcelona was superior"

Athletic Bilbao manager Joaquín Caparrós shared his thoughts after the super cup game against Athletic Bilbao at a press conference:

"Barcelona was superior, especially because of their fast ball handling. Although an unfortunate decision in the second half finished the game. Everyone has told me that it wasn't a penalty.

We knew it would be difficult. We knew that Barcelona is at the same level of last year and you have to work three times as hard and be very concentrated to keep up with them. We were playing well in the first half and we caught some confidence, but after the first goal and the penalty, it was over for us.

Regarding attitude and motivation, Barcelona has stayed the same. They have a lot of quality and they will make their fans enjoy themselves. With Ibrahimovic, the opponents will be able to come out more, because Eto'o puts more pressure than Ibrahimovic, who's a great player but who will have to adapt. Eto'o was a player who put more fire in the team, by pressuring all the time."

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Anonymous said...

Interesting last sentences.

Anonymous said...

That's a way of putting pressure on a team off-field

barcan said...

"Eto'o was a player who put more fire in the team, by pressuring all the time"...that's the trut, with ibra we cannot expect such pressuring on defense. But hope that he will be better with finnishing the chances that he get.

Visca el Barca!!!

Unknown said...

How can he complain about the penalty decision? Ibra would've scored if the ref hadn't blown his whistle. Goal either way!!!

Iniesta Goooooaaaaal !!!!! said...

the last he says is Bull****.
Its only the second game of Ibra with the squad.
The second half you saw that he played much better than the first!
I saw also that he can play on the left, so that gives uportunity's to change a lot with Henry and Messi. When Eto'o played on the flank we werent that dangerous.

Its good to see that we are playing a new type of attack, because the teams now know how to defend the attacking way of last year.

SJP said...

his last comments were just a little dig at barca putting pressure on the already heavily burdened shoulders of ibra, but it is true ibra will never apply pressure the way etoo did but i dont think any other top striker would even come close. ibra is similar to anelka, his languid style means he can look lazy, especially after etoo but given time he'll adapt and do enough to contribute to the team.

mike in africa said...

wat he said in the last sentence is true. iniesta shud just accept it. maybe pep asked caparros to give ibra a bit more pressure.

we also know ibra has better technique, strength and creativity in addition to giving less pressure. they're both imba regardless.

creus said...

I like this guy. And his team, for that matter. I think Athletic will do good this season.

Tolq said...

You would have been killed off anyway - Messi kept playing after Alves fell down, and Ibra volleyed the pass into the back of the net. So even if the ref hadn't called the penalty, he would have blown the whistle for the goal 2 seconds later anyway!

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