Friday, 9 May 2008

Villareal's Diego Lopez to rival Valdes

Madrid sports tabloid Marca claims that Barcelona has decided to put first-choice goal keeper Víctor Váldes (26) on the market. Váldes is not considered to be a vital piece in the rebuilding of the team and Barcelona will listen to offers coming in during the summer transfer window.

If Barcelona does not receive a good bid, the Catalan goal keeper will be able to stay but he won't be the unassailable number one anymore. Barcelona will look to bring in a new top class keeper who could act as regular. The Catalan club could move for Villareal goal keeper Diego López (26) in the coming weeks.

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Anonymous said...

It's about time. How could Barcelona be so blind about Valdes's incompetency all these years.

Anonymous said...

Agreed! It's about time Barca came to their senses! Although offloading him without a solid replacement or backup wouldn't be the most prudent thing to do either. I wouldn't be opposed to see Gomes or Cech make their way over or even Coupe who might have a year or two left. Heck, I'd even consider Hildebrand. Of course if they went afte Lehman I would probably set myself on fire!

Nickr said...

Petr Cech, not that hard of a decision, go after him

lekan said...

yes guys is barca so blind since?coming i want this guy to be offloaded nad replace with either cech of chelsea,hart of man city or james of pothmouth...this are all outstanding goalkeepers.

lekan said...

yes guy i thought barca was so blind before using valdes as a first choice..what a fock but i want them to pls offload him and replace him with a good succesor like peter cech of chelsea,hart of man city or even james of portmouth..this are outstanding goalkeper and may be another option..

Hendrik said...

I hope they Get Deigo Lopez from Villareal, he is a good goalkeeper. or perhaps the Carrizo cos he is also a good keeper.

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