Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Do We Buy? Defender.

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I thought it was important to introduce this part by the Above Image, it brief a lot of text, if the players distribution in that image is right (as positions and not as picking order), then I believe before wondering whom to buy, we need to decide whom to sell, because as I can see it, there are no more numbered T-shirts for more defenders. While if Caceres role will also be a central defender not a left back, then its confirmed that we need another left back WITH Abidal and selling Central defender”S” is no more a choice but a must, specially when Henrique join us next summer.

The easiest thing to think about is selling Milito, after all he is not available since a while and the team is doing well without him, but forgive me for not being so excited about this assumption, I see a player who is slightly younger (1980) than Marquez (1979)and Puyol(1978), he had a very strong understanding with pique guiding Zaragoza Defense in a very impressive way, a first option solid defender for his national team, a very lethal weapon in set pieces, and a player who master starting the attack from behind, all that makes him a perfect choice that fits and ticks all the needs of a Central defender for Barcelona. He started with Barcelona decently but then he had the drop in form as every single player last season. Will he bounce back to form after injury is something no one can predict, but we cant sell him now anyway while injured, so why excluding the possibility of his comeback and why not waiting till summer when we know his situation, Caseres situation and Henrique qualities then we make decisions? In the perfect world, Caseres will be the back up for Abidal, and Versatile Henrique can act as a back up for Alves (Don’t expect any talented Right back – like Rafinha- will dare to sign for Barcelona in the presence of Alves).

We played almost half our liga games –little less- Faced the strongest teams, with and without Abidal on the left back, with and without Marquez, or Pique, we won all the games and we have the best defense in the liga even though we play an attacking style. Now I am aware the lack of goals conceded is also a result of all players’ contribution from Eto’o to Valdes, but it’s also a sign that this defense line is working perfectly with the rest of the lines in front of Valdes, so the question is do we change things when we can or when we need? Because at the moment I don’t see that we need it, things can wait at least till the summer and we have the quality to cover the absence of any player in our defense aside of Alves offensively, but again don’t expect to buy a player to do so.

Till summer, Caceres will have a fair chance to prove himself, or else we can loan him out- may be switching him with Henrique if the Brazilian was ready, Milito will have his chance to test himself after injury, Marquez Contract situation will be clarified, then we can plan on more solid bases. Now it all seems like panic buys where there is no need to panic.

That’s one theory, but not the only valid one. If I neglected the number of defenders we already had, I am still looking for a player to buy with special qualities and till the moment I can’t find him between all the options I read about in the News/Rumors we read everyday. I am looking for a player who can play both as a Left back and Right back at the same time (kind of Zambrotta/ Maicon players), or a player who can play on the left flank as a left back and a left wing (like old Leonardo and Serginho for Brazil and Milan). Why?

Because we already have an almost complete squad, so a player who can play only in one position will not have enough opportunities and will cause more headache for Guardiola than he may heal.1) A player who can play as a RB/LB will click smoothly in the rotation process, resting Alves once and Abidal another. 2) A player who can play as a LB/LW will answer the question, how can we strengthen our leftwing by a player who can be a back up for Iniesta without effecting young players hopes to have their chances. I admit, even though Capel and Zhirkov are reasonable option for the second choice at least, but I still didn’t find a name that made me so excited to wish Barcelona to sign. First because I don’t really know Zhirkov qualities, he was good in euro 2008 but thats not enough-the “European” Roman Pavlyuchenko and Luka Modric are something, while the Tottenham duo are something else. I Also have doubts that Capel will be excited to play as a left back, and he already know he will not play as many games as he do with Sevilla, keeping in mind also that he cant play as a Left back while Alves is on the right.

In brief, we signed Milito again and he will be available soon, reports say that Henrique is a quality, while Caceres still has the right to take his chance on the left, nothing certain who will be the last man standing between Marquez and Milito, and who will not be the survival, so we evacuate a seat for a new comer. All that make me uninterested in any player to sign now – January- and make it impossible for me to guess what kind of signings we will need next summer.

But that’s only me.

Happy new year for you all, wish you the best years to come where you PASS all troubles, KICK any difficulty, SUBSTITUTE bad times with good ones and SHOOT your dreams high to SCORE ALL THE GOALS you set in your life, so non of you end up falling OFFSIDE in the course of life!
enjoy your time:)

Ramzi Tanani


Anonymous said...

hey, don't talk bad about Modrić, he is still great as the ''European'' Modrić. The only difference is that than he was playing in a quality team and now he is playing in Tottenham which is playing realy bad, and not becouse of him!!! He is their best player!!!

Ramen said...

The problem last year was that Puyol and Milito went for the same ball. They are both stopper-like. Marquez is more of a sweeper, so in the beginning of the season, our defense held pretty well with Marquez-Milito. However, once Marquez got injured and Puyol completely healed, we played Milito and Puyol together.

Also, the other problem was that the midfield was way too thin. Now, Guardiola is playing with 2 DMs.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like Henrique has done great in Bayern Leverk. so that is an ace in the hole, the question is whether to bring him back this summer (seems too crowded if we extend Marquez as forecast and keep Milito and Pique). Possibly lend out Henrique another season, with option to call him back in January in case of injury.

I'd strongly consider lending out Caceres too. We paid a good deal for him and barely get to play him. It does seem ideal for his devolopment. If we bring back Henrique and retain all others then we really must lend out Caceres it seems.

Lastly, your chart ignores Sylvihno. While we may be ready to let him seek playing time elsewhere, until we do he is clearly Abidal's backup, not Caceres. And PK is the backup of Marquez, not vice versa.

In short with Milito's return we gain valuable cover and experience but risk wasting the talent development of Caceres (and Henrique if he returns). I see no great purchase scenarios in light of that, since Puyol can spell Alves adequately.

- Gilmango

Louis said...

hm i definetely don't see any need to buy either, rather to sell, like ramzi said. I didn't understand from the very beginning why we signed pique AND caceres AND henrique. I have no doubt that they're all quality defenders with lots of potential but it's simply too much since puyol's and marquez' positions are indisputable at the moment(and in my opinion, they will be for at least next season, too), plus we have milito who I consider to be of the same caliber.

I think we will renew marquez' contract soon, selling milito next summer wouldn't really be smart either as his price tag probably wouldn't be that high after being out for almost a year and simply because he fits us perfectly as ramzi described. So I guess loaning out henrique and/or caceres next summer will probably be a must, even more if we buy a new left back... hm I'm generally really happy with our transfer policy but regarding defence, i really think we bought a little too many for a little too much money...

Anonymous said...

Sylvinho didn't play so much this season, even when Abidal was away.
Most of matches it was Puyol who took the left back instead of Abidal and not Sylvinho.

(and Puyol did a great job in the left as well).

Sylvinho will leave this summar, surely.
And i will miss him actually. I like this guy.
But his carrier in this level is over.

Happy new year.

Anonymous said...

How dare you even think or mention the thought of selling Puyol the Catalan supporter's will have ur head for this blasphemy!!!!

Snyde said...

I recommend that we buy a (left) wingback. The simple reason is of tactical options and we don't have an attacking FB/WB on the left. And clearly, we may need to exercise that option in a number of scenarios. (should I elaborate?)

Other than that we are well covered. Actually, we are far too well covered and maybe a loan deal should be worked out.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

why does everyone keep seing caceres as alternativ for the left back pos.? is can play there, but he is far from a left back as alves or marquez. he is central defender, and right footed if am not misstaking.

i dont get why ppl keep placing him on the left with abidal

maybe am wrong, not saying am right, but i dont thing anyone in barca see him as a cover for LB

Anonymous said...

If we assume that Caceres will be used as a leftback I can't really see any headache.

Leftbacks: Abidal, Caceres
Centrebacks: Puyol, Marquez, Pique, Henrique
Rightbacks: Alves, NEW

Abidal is great right now and he will continue to be great while Caceres have the future ahead of him. Puyol is our captain, he will never leave. Marquez is a living legend in Barca and same goes for him. Pique and Henrique, just like Caceres, will have the future smiling on them and they WILL be our new starting centrebacks in a couple of years. Alves is fantastic of course but we need a substitute for him if he gets seriously injured, otherwise we have to completely change our tactics.

Out: Milito
In: Backup for Valdes

kamikaze kontiki said...

I think loaning out Caceres might work out to be the most profitable option for us. Abidal is far too unreliable. If his task is ever complicated to include going forward i think he ll fail miserably. Buying a left-back who can move fwd and get back with the sort of earnestness that Alves has shown is a must. We just have to have this extra option for future games. Things are not going to be the same forever and we WILL need the diversion of a more direct thrust from the left flank in future.
This for me is the only necessary transfer this January and it is a vital one.
Ramzi, if u are going to preach no buys in Gk and Defence its pretty clear to me that u are trying to make a case for no buys in Jan.... or in summer or maybe for another couple of years. :)
p.s : I hope we dont sell Milito. I think he ll play an important role next season.

Ramzi said...

Alright, me Back, and hope you had happy new year night.

Fast late responds...

Filip:I never said Modric is bad, he for sure need to improve to become more lethal(something i say about my favorite iniesta also, so nothing personal), but for his age still have time, I meant that performing well in Euro is not a sign that a player succeed in a new team, it has lot to do with the new team system and league nature.

Ramen: Agree that the two Central backs need to be compliment to each other not similar, Pep instructions also will play a role.

Anonymous I am also interested to know if Pep will keep both Caceres and henrique for next season or if he will loan one of them at least.that will change lot of things.

Louis: in this crazy market of astronomy price tags, buying caceres, henrique and Pique are more considered as strategic buying and long term investments, the challenge is how to manage their presence.

FCB: thanx for calcifications, agree...

Anonymous 2: were you referring to me when you wondered about selling Puyol? I dont think so anyway, and I don't think Catalans who promote free of speech will cut my head for an opinion I made, and specially for an opinion I didn't make:)

Snyde: You have to elaborate more to clear enough space in defense for the new comer, because its too crowded already:)

Anonymous 3: caceres played as a left back on the international level, beside playing as a Central back. he played a game or two with Barcelona on the left also.

SimonP: I mentioned why I am not sure if we are going to sell Milito, and with Pique needing more time to mature and Henrique is a new guy in the town, its a gamble, but interesting to see you want Right back, not a left back as the common opinion, and i see a point in that actually.

kamikaze kontiki: I actually recommended signings for Gk and Defense, are my articles still too long to read or what? ;) The midfield and offense will come next, and u will have more reasons then to criticize because I think i will say more Unpopular things there, get ready, because you like it :)

kamikaze kontiki said...

sorry Ramzi, i didn't get that impression from your articles. Anyway, I said that coz I don't really fancy any signings in midfield n fwd positions except maybe for a cheap n Barca standard tall, strong centre-fwd(who can turn really well) and that only as an afterthought so i didn't reckon you would fancy any. Well, i m even more eagerly awaiting the rest of this series coz you have vetted my appetite with your promise of unpopular suggestions.

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