Friday, 24 October 2008

Barcelona in pole position for Keirrison

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Barcelona is interested in Coritiba forward and Brazilian youth international Keirrison de Souza Carneiro (19) (read more here).

Barcelona's good relations with Brazilian sport marketing agency Traffic could bring the striker to Barcelona in the future.

The paper also claims that Keirrison is on a ten men short-list of former Barcelona sports vice president Sandro Rosell who will take part in the presidential elections of 2010. Keirrison would be one of the players Rosell will promise to bring to Barcelona if he's chosen as the new president.

Based on reports in Brazilian news paper Lance and Brazilian sports site Globo Esporte, the situation today is that sports marketing agency Mais Sports of the brothers Naor and Marcos Malaquias has yesterday sold 80 per cent of the transfer rights of Keirrison to sports marketing agency Traffic. Mais Sports keeps on representing Keirrison and will have a part of the future transfer fee.

The other 20 per cent are owned by Brazilian first division club Coritiba. Because Keirrison's contract with the club expires next April, Coritiba prefers to sell their share now. Traffic wants to buy the 20 per cent and then transfer the player to local fourth division club Desportivo Brasil, that is owned by Traffic.

Desportivo Brasil would then loan the player out to Brazilian first division club Palmeiras. Keirrison would join Palmeiras in January in order to gain more experience before he makes the move to Europe in the coming years.

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Watch a video of Keirrison:


pep said...

Henrique also went from Coritiba to Palmeiras (before joining Barcelona).

Waleed said...

promising talent..
but the contracts of these Brazelian players are kinda strange, so much of complication,
if Txiki could put his hand on him next summer, I suppose he'll leave immediately on loan for a season or two, preferably to some spanish or purtogese club, so that he gets the form for the liga quickly.
he's not the tall striker some people are asking for, but 181cm seems good.

Anonymous said...

Brazil really is a mess :S . It's strange that a company can own a player, when does the contract with the company end?

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