Monday, 29 December 2008

Medical: Overview 2008-2009

Out: 29 December 2007
Back: 29 September 2008
Recovery time: 275 days
Problem: ruptured ligament - right knee
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Out: 29 April 2008
Back: (February-March 2009)
Recovery time: (245 days and counting)
Problem: left and right knee
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Out: 13 September 2008
Back: 16 October 2008
Recovery time: 33 days
Problem: sprained ligament - left ankle
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Out: 8 October 2008
Back: 31 October 2008
Recovery time: 23 days
Problem: ruptured hamstring muscle - right thigh
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Out: 15 October 2008
Back: 31 October 2008
Recovery time: 16 days
Problem: torn hamstring muscle - left thigh
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Out: 19 October 2008
Back: 7 November 2008
Recovery time: 19 days
Problem: sprained muscles - left leg
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Out: 30 October 2008
Back: 4 December 2008
Recovery time: 35 days
Problem: meniscal cyst - right knee
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Out: 4 November 2008
Back: 29 December 2008
Recovery time: 55 days
Problem: ruptured quadriceps muscle - right thigh
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Only the most serious injuries since mid-September are taken into account.


A9 said...

great idea pep ;)
i didnt think of this
mes que un blog!

Anonymous said...

Iniesta just got the green light today.

Anonymous said...

What about Messi pep? He missed the Getafe game due to a minor injury.

pep said...

I only take into account the more serious injuries, M10. Let's say at least one week out.

And Messi probably wasn't injured, it was more a measure of precaution (like Marquez in the last game against Villarreal).

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