Saturday, 25 October 2008

Match discussion: Almeria

This evening at 10 pm bt,
Barcelona plays the seventh game of the season against Almería.

Last weekend, Almería lost 4-0 against Sevilla, playing with Diego Alves; Bruno, Chico, Pellerano, Mané; Juanito, Natalio; Uche, Julio Álvarez, Solari; Negredo.

Central defender Chico played last season from January to June (on loan from Cádiz) with Barcelona B in the fourth division (read more here). Brazilian goalkeeper Diego Alves was last summer linked with a move to Barcelona (read more here).

Almería is ranked sixth in the Liga, Barcelona fourth. You can read a preview of the game here

Almeria squad list:
Diego Alves, Esteban, Bruno, Carlos García, Pellerano, Chico, Mané, Guilherme, Juanito, Soriano, Julio Álvarez, Corona, Juanma Ortiz, Ortiz, Negredo, Natalio, Uche, Crusat

Barcelona squad list:
Valdés, Pinto, Jorquera, Alves, Márquez, Piqué, Puyol, Cáceres, Abidal, Sylvinho, Xavi, Touré, Busquets, Iniesta, Hleb, Víctor Sánchez, Messi, Eto'o, Bojan, Henry

Before (what are your expectations, what's your prediction, what should be the line-up,...), during and after the match, you can comment on the game here.

From two hours before until two hours after the game you can join a match chat (read more here)


groga said...





Henry bothers me, but still hoping for a good game!

Waleed said...

more of a classical line up
although I think Piquet would have been more suitable as Nigrido's is dangerous in the air

Waleed said...


ok it's 4-0

fcbee said...

4-0 after 20 minutes. And Guardiola is pushing them not to relax :-))))))))))))

refter said...

Xavi and Iniesta just rule the whole pitch. So nice to see this team playing.

Anonymous said...

hey hey wat happened to this blog so long as we win no1 makes any comments! cmon guys even if we win like this we should always be supportin barca lets keep this blog alive more and keep up the discussions.....never have i seen a match discussion here with 5 comments into second half!!!

Inderteuton said...

5-0 @ halftime..

Alves scores his first goal for Barca!

Anonymous said...

Awesome display, hope we'll continue like this in second half.

Barca nerd-fan said...

Marvelous! Eto'o hit 12 goals in already! 9 league goals and 3 champions league goals, I think. Scored more than Zaki :) Eto'o is back in form!

And Dani Alves' freekick was just superb! Didn't need to get it over the wall, just needed power and accuracy.

Top class performance!!!

Eye said...

Comments are preety unnecessary here. I would only say 'Total futbol'.

Barca nerd-fan said...

Abidal and Valdes use to piss me off so much... But they are playing so good this season!

Eye said...

I only hope Pep will rest the key players and give chance to some subs (I suppose Bojan, Busquets, Caceres / Hleb). Otherwise, tactically and technically perfect game.
However, it is extremely important to keep both feet (and both hands :) on the groung because we still didn't encountered real tests so far.

Waleed said...

ok here you are..
Barcelona lead the Liga "although temporarly" for the first time since... i dont know but really long time
first hattrick for Eto'o this season
9th cosecutive win
3rd cosecutive clean sheet
highest goal number in the liga 24
Ero'o became Liga top scorer with 9goals
first goal for Alves with barca and first goal for a new commer this season!!!!!

barcelonista said...

this is barcelona:P:P

Charles said...

oooooooooooooh...i dont even know what to say anymore.
Abidal is back!!!
1. Eto'o
2. Abidal
3. Valdez

Byronic said...

Great game, a pleasure to watch. Only thing that bothers me is the substitutions, why leave on Eto'o and Messi? I thought it would have been nice to leave Henry on for a bit longer while Eto'o and Messi could get well deserved rest.

A late tackle on Messi could have been disastrous but lucky for all nothing serious happened.

Anonymous said...

great game 5 zero 10 goals in 2 games pepe has done a great job a very good start
i would like to say one thing do for the sub. i think what he is doing is great and why is it great because no one understand it and as long as we dont understand it we will keep on winning . last year you could guess the starting linup in a second now its really confusing for other teams and that by it self is an advantage i love now in barca even the subs.
i think he left messi and eto to keep the pressure on the other team.

ponnyKID said...

were looking very goood iam proud of barza !!! keep it up all the way...

FCB! said...

i just saw the highlights and im very disapointed that i missed this game. eto's third goal was so nice and dani alves freekick was beautiful... i should quit my job to watch barca more :)

Anonymous said...

abi is awesome!
keep it up.

Hauns said...

1-0 Eto'o / (Yaya (cleared long ball))
2-0 Henry / Messi
3-0 Eto'o / Xavi
4-0 Eto'o / Messi
5-0 Alves (FK)

fcbee said...

Yeah, quit your job, FCB! :-)))

Three times no goals received, man, where will this end?!

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