Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Barcelona monitoring Cesc situation

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Barcelona is monitoring the situation of Arsenal midfielder and Spanish international Cesc Fàbregas (21).

Cesc wouldn't feel comfortable at Arsenal anymore and would be seriously considering a transfer next summer, despite having a contract until 2014. His first choices would be Barcelona and AC Milan.

The door for a return is open although the player will have to make the first step by expressing his will to join Barcelona. Especially Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola would want to bring Cesc back to Barcelona.

The paper also claims that Cesc is on a ten men short-list of former Barcelona sports vice president Sandro Rosell who will take part in the presidential elections of 2010. Cesc would be one of the players Rosell will promise to bring to Barcelona if he's chosen as the new president.

British tabloid News of the World claimed on Sunday that Cesc turned down the chance to renegotiate his existing deal with his current club and rejected a pay rise offered by Arsenal. Cesc would have put off talks as he wants to see what other clubs offer next summer.

Cesc denied the story in an interview with his club's official website: "A newspaper report suggesting that I have rejected a new contract is untrue. The article is just mischief-making. Everybody knows I have a long-term contract and that I am happy here. I'm focussed on doing my best for Arsenal."

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Anonymous said...

cesc will be good 4 us ...but i think its to early 4 him and the situation will become like the national team .....so let him stay with arsenal 4 1 more season let him gorw there ....cos till xavi is there there is really no need 4 us to go after him ....

if u realy want buy that guy ZAKI .... i have become his fan .....

Anonymous said...

alves puyol pique emanuelson
----- xavi cesc -----
messi ---------- iniesta
-------- eto'o -------

visca el barca!!

Anonymous said...

Good formation but, i prefer this one:





Anonymous said...

Fuck that i dont care who he brings IM LOYAL TO LAPORTA all ya seems to forgett who bringed Up BArca It was Laporta.....

he bought deco, ronaldinho, eto and the list will go on

i dont care who this guy will bring

people act like bitches switch fealings every day...

Anonymous said...

Thats true...Laporta must be above all others!!!!

Anonymous said...


Puyol Pique
Alves Chivu
Xavi Cesc

Eto'o Villa

Dream Signing: David Villa
Iniesta can rotate with xavi, cesc, and messi

Anonymous said...

we don't need any more David Villa! Aguero - dream signing!

Anonymous said...

hey let cesc remain in asenal for two more years.i think hleb was fantastic on sunday

peter said...

Yawn...no way he's leaving next summer.

Louis said...

forget about all this and all your other dream signings! it doesn't matter if cesc is feeling bad, wants to return or whatsoever, because we don't need him! sign him when xavi retires... but till that happens, he won't add anything new to our midfield. he should stay at arsenal, he has a much bigger impact there.

Anonymous said...

HA HA very exciting cesc want to come back...hmmm...but where will he play? the mid field is packed. cesc cannot replace xavi as playmaker. xavi is better. maybe he can take up the deco role...but y did we buy hleb then? so lets be realistic. we cannot have all the good players. we need to have vacancy first. and then there are talent coming from barca b.

if cesc has to come then i would want tiago alcantara to join arsenal to create that vacancy. then bring tiago back later. OR let xavi retires and sign cesc in 6 years.!!!

OR buy cesc and bench keita and hleb.

is cesc comes it will be complicated.

barca will be the core of spanish national team then...lolz.

Anonymous said...

and yes... y do u think we need villa? y? does anybody actually believe eto is not good enuf?

and henry set up eto's goal from scratch. i guess he is worth something. y do some people jump on the idea of aguero or benzema when u already have talented players. we cant buy everybody...we cant change players like that. its stupid.

some formations i see above show benzema on the left...hello!!! havnt u learnt already that pure strikers cant do that?
on the left nobody is more supreme than iniesta! HE HAS REPLACED RONALDINHO..

We do not need any more players when we have a stable group!

Anonymous said...

valdes (jorquera bench)
alves puyol milito abidal (caceres pique marquez bench)
busquets (toure in the deal with cesc)
xavi cesc (hleb, gudj, keita bench,sanchez bench)
messi Aguero (but I think it will be benzema or huntelaar maybe even eto'o) iniesta

great team

Anonymous said...

guys if we sighn cesc it wont be a problem cuz guardiola is going to rotate till he dies so everyone will get playing time
and im sorry to say this but for those who say we dont need benzima or kun , etoo wont stay beyond this season the board are pushing him out
and this is my formation
valdes alves puyol pique caceres
cesc xavi hleb
messi benzima or kun iniesta

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