Friday, 24 October 2008

No Almeria match list today

Like he did three weeks ago before the game against Atlético Madrid (read more here), Barcelona coach Josep Guardiola has decided not to announce today a match list for the Liga game against Almeria tomorrow. He will give the list of 18 names tomorrow, probably after the training session that will start at 12 pm.

After that last training, the players will lunch together and are then free for the afternoon. At 8:30 pm they are expected back at the Camp Nou, with the match against Almeria starting at 10 pm.


Hung said...

who ever play, i wish Barca once again play an entertaining game and score a lot

Anonymous said...

For some reason, I start to feel like three seasons ago about his kind of games. how quick can things change...

Almeria is having a great season so far though, no underestimation allowed!

Waleed said...

dont you thing there is something missing on the blog?
Ramzi, where is your Rambling? the match is tomorrow and I'm curious to read them as much as I'm curious to watch the match.

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