Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Xavi renewal talks still going on

Barcelona sports paper Sport claims that the negotiations on the contract renewal of Barcelona attacking midfielder and Spanish international Xavi (28), whose current contract expires in 2010, are still going on (read more here).

Barcelona sports director Txiki Begiristain would already have met seven times with Iván Corretja, Xavi's agent. The last time was last Wednesday. While Barcelona had hoped to close a deal before the end of October, this doesn't seem to be possible at this stage.

Although the negotiation are well-advanced and the player could sign until 2014, there still would be serious differences about the salary. Xavi would want to be promoted to the second level of top earners, alongside for example Puyol.

Asked about a possible renewal, Joaquim Henrnández, the father of the player, has said in an interview with Catalan radio station Com Ràdio that his son plans to sign the renewal: "Every year, Xavi has received offers from other clubs but his mind is made up. As long as Barcelona wants him, he doesn't want to go nowhere.

It's normal that Barcelona now wants to offer him a long-term contract. Both parties have the same goal, so there won't be any problem. He will sign for three or four more years. He's happy to be here and his dream is to end his career with Barcelona. After that he would like to work with young players at the youth academy."

Catalan sports weekly Gol claims that Xavi, who has a buyout clause of 60 million euro°, has already confirmed to Barcelona president Joan Laporta and Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola that he would want to stay with the club.

Barcelona would offer Xavi a renewal until 2013 or 2014 and could offer him almost the double of his current salary. Several European top clubs are following the events, ready to make a move if things don't go like expected.

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Ramzi said...

He earn less than puyol? this is not it?

pep said...

He's a level lower than Puyol, which was normal, I think, cause when they signed this contract Puyol was already a "Barcelona icon" and Xavi wasn't.

But now Xavi has made progress so he deserves to be up there. Instead of earning the same as... Gudjohnsen.

Anonymous said...

If there's anyone Barca's management should be allowed to overpay it should be Xavi, out of respect alone.

I hope I'm misunderstanding it, but it sounds like doubling his salary wouldn't even move him into the Tier-1 category? If that's the case he's been making way too little money and deserve to be one of the top earners on the team.

Anonymous said...

Pep, could you please explain the payment levels and which player earns how much?


pep said...

It's something we cannot really know, but apparently it looks something like this:

Level 1 (the real top earners): Messi, Henry

Level 2 (5 million euro): Puyol, Eto'o, Marquez

Level 3: Xavi, Gudjohnsen

Anonymous said...

Just offer him a lifetime contract with a level 1 salary. That's what I would've done. He definetly deserves too earn the same as Marquez, Puyol and Eto'o.

Erikoisasiantuntija said...

These are last seasons top earners, by ""
The list gives you an idea how much players are getting salaries.
Where sould we put Xavi or Iniesta? Will Leo be on top of this years list?

The figures (below) are based purely on salary, so don’t include endorsements and the like.

1. Ricardo Kaka (AC Milan) 9.000.000 €
2. Ronaldinho Gaucho (FC Barcelona) 8.520.000 €
3. Frank Lampard (Chelsea FC) 8.160.000 €
4. John Terry (Chelsea FC) 8.160.000 €
5. Fernando Torres (Liverpool FC) 7.920.000 €
6. Andriy Shevchenko (Chelsea FC) 7.800.000 €
7. Michael Ballack (Chelsea FC) 7.800.000 €
8. Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester Utd) 7.680.000 €
9. Thierry Henry (FC Barcelona) 7.680.000 €
10. Steven Gerrard (Liverpool FC) 7.680.000 €
11. Didier Drogba (Chelsea FC) 7.380.000 €
12. Wayne Rooney (Manchester Utd) 7.320.000 €
13. Iker Casillas (CF Real Madrid) 7.200.000 €
14. Michael Owen (Newcastle Utd) 6.720.000 €
15. Sol Campbell (Portsmouth) 6.600.000 €
16. Raul Gonzalez (CF Real Madrid) 6.420.000 €
17. Ruud Van Nistelrooy (CF Real Madrid) 6.420.000 €
18. Rio Ferdinand (Manchester Utd) 6.060.000 €
19. Darren Bent (Tottenham Hotspur) 5.940.000 €
20. Carlos Tevez (Manchester Utd) 5.880.000 €
21. Fabio Cannavaro (CF Real Madrid) 5.880.000 €
22. Luca Toni (Bayern Munich) 5.520.000 €
23. Robinho (CF Real Madrid) 5.520.000 €
24. Francesco Totti (AS Roma) 5.460.000 €
25. Arjen Robben (CF Real Madrid) 5.340.000
26. Ryan Giggs (Manchester Utd) 5.220.000 €
27. Michael Essien (Chelsea FC) 5.040.000 €
28. Adriano (Internazionale) 5.004.000 €
29. Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Internazionale) 5.004.000 €
30. Patrick Vieira (Internazionale) 5.004.000 €
31. Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus FC) 5.004.000 €
32. Samuel Eto’o (FC Barcelona) 5.004.000 €
33. Carles Puyol (FC Barcelona) 5.004.000 €
34. Sergio Aguero (Atletico Madrid) 5.004.000 €
35. Oliver Kahn (Bayern Munich) 4.944.000 €
36. Edwin Van der Sar (Manchester Utd) 4.860.000 €
37. Fernando Morientes (Valência) 4.860.000 €
38. Alessandro Del Piero (Juventus FC) 4.800.000 €
39. Harry Kewell (Liverpool FC) 4.800.000 €
40. Djibril Cisse (O.Marseille) 4.800.000 €
41. Joe Cole (Chelsea FC) 4.680.000 €
42. Pedro Pauleta (Paris SG) 4.608.000 €
43. Juninho Pernanbucano (O.Lyon) 4.560.000 €
44. David Beckham (LA Galaxy) 4.500.000 €
45. David Trezeguet (Juventus FC) 4.500.000 €
46. Sidney Govou (O.Lyon) 4.500.000 €
47. Deco (FC Barcelona) 4.500.000 €
48. Gianluca Zambrotta (FC Barcelona) 4.500.000 €
49. Petr Cech (Chelsea FC) 4.320.000 €
50. Antonio Cassano (Sampdoria) 4.200.000 €

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