Friday, 23 May 2008

Almeria's Diego Alves to rival Valdes

Barcelona site Pelikano claims that Almería goal keeper Diego Alves (22) is the last name to have joined the list of possible goal keepers who could be transferred in the coming months (read more here).

Barcelona thinks that first-choice goal keeper Víctor Valdés (26) performs at his best when he feels the pressure of having to compete for his place and is therefore looking to bring in a new goal keeper in the summer transfer window. Future Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola has relaunched the search for a competitor to Valdés.

Brazilian goal keeper Diego Alves, who also has an Italian passport, came to Spain last summer from Atlético Mineiro and has a contract with Almería until 2012. He was a youth international for many years and is expected to make his debut for the Brazilian national team in the near future.

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pep said...

° 4 million euro =

6,4 million us dollar
3,2 million british pound

Anonymous said...

I don't like south american goalkeepers. I prefer europeans for that position.

Anonymous said...

if he's good (and cheap), he can come, no matter what continent he comes from... ;)

Anonymous said...

I don't know about you guys but I'd pretty much take ANYONE over Valdes right about now! I am hoping Barcelona opts for someone with a little more experience, (particularly from a bigger club) because you don't know if a lad like this could handle the pressure of playing on a much grander stage right away. At least Barcelona seem to be aware of the problem and trying to address it which is a promising first step.

Anonymous said...

Diego is probably the best young goalkeeper on the planet.even if he cant handle the pressure at a big club,it would still be a sound investment.

Anonymous said...

i'd sign him in a split second! he's very promising!! life with Valdes for one more season wont be too bad but then Diego would no doubt be ready to upstage many goalkeepers around the world. I say Valdes gets the first half of the season, then Alves the 2nd.

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