Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Barcelona working on Benzema transfer

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Barcelona is working on the transfer of Olympique Lyon forward and French international Karim Benzema (20) (read more here).

Benzema is the number one target for next season but Barcelona doesn't want to enter a bid race for the Frenchman. The wish of Benzema to join Barcelona should be decisive.

Asked about the rumours linking Benzema with several clubs, the player's agent Karim Djaziri has said in an interview with French football weekly paper France Football that he's been talking with all major clubs:

"Barcelona, Real Madrid and Manchester United are not the only ones following Karim. All the big European clubs are. We are having regularly contacts with the clubs and this doesn't just started last year but it's been going on since Karim was sixteen years old. I want to stress that we are transparent about all this and that Lyon knows about what's happening."

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Anonymous said...

Henry-Benzema apparently doesn't really work with france so another reason to throw Henry in the deal.

Think Madrid will go full force for him since they need someone to replace Van nistelrooy.

Ramzi said...

its not going to be an easy process, i am not sure if Man UTD is welling to pay big for a forward after signing berba, I think RM is the main threat.
The two clubs performance this season will play a big role, because the team that will fail winning the league will have some troubles with fans and that will unstabalize its potentials to attracts big names.

i hope it will not be something similar to C. Ronaldo tale next summer, but this time involving Barcelona in their quest to sign this guy.

Anonymous said...

pff... i don't know why, but i think that Aguero could be better for Barca, i like him more + i think he could have bigger desire to join us them Karim. No doubt Karim is good to, but personal i think that Aguero is faster and with better tehnique. I'm watching every Atlético Madrid games only to analyse Aguero, and... what can i say, HE IS SUPERB!

Anonymous said...

I think Benzema has the advantage (compared to Aguero) that he can both play on the centre and ont he wing).

Anonymous said...

You guys will see. Next summer, Real will sign Benzema before Barcelona does. They always get a player before we do. They are more aggressive plus they are better at making good deals. Laporta and Txiki are incompetent because they always either pay too much for a player or sell him for too little. In this case, I think that Real will get him. I mean, they always get a player to transfer from Barcelona even if he is still in his prime, but it's never the other way around, which goes to show just who has more influence in the world of football. Don't get me wrong. I love Barca, and hate Real but they just aren't shrewd enough at making deals. However, I do hope we get Benzema still. That would be great and we would have a terrific line up for the future with Bojan, Benzema and Messi.

Anonymous said...

don't agree with "BarcaFan (BiH)" , trust me that Bezmena will go where he want to go, he will play for the club that likes more, and if we don't sign him, that's not meen that we are incompetent. Barca allways sad that the wish of the players should be decisive! Like for example Alves, this guy has a much more better offers that Barcelona's one, but his wish was to play for Barca.

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