Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Henrique getting ready to play for Barcelona

In an interview with Catalan radio station Ona FM, Bayer Leverkusen central defender and Barcelona loan out Henrique (21) talked about his season so far:

"The most difficult thing has been adapting to the cold weather and to the language, which are two things that are very different compared with Brazil. So life on the pitch is maybe the easiest thing for me... Besides that, everyting goes well.

I'm living here with my parents and my two brothers. I'm in touch with other Brazilians players in Germany so they can explain me things and I can adapt quicker to Europe.

Until now I have played every game, two as right back defender and the rest as central defender. A team-mate was injured and I told the coach that I wouldn't mind to play as right back, something I have done before, and things went fine. If needed, I could also play left back defender, cause I play with both feet.

Of course I'm thinking about Barcelona but the first thing is to have a good season with Leverkusen and to help the team so I'm then ready to join Barcelona. I wouldn't want to compare myself with a great player like Lucio but my style is indeed somewhat similar. I'm fast, I mark well, I like to go forward with the ball and I like to work for the team.

I'm following Barcelona. If possible, I watch every game. The team is playing well and I'm sure they will grow and could win the league. There are a lot of great players but I admire Puyol the most. I didn't yet talk with Guardiola but I talked with Begiristain and he told me to use this season to work hard so I'll be fully prepared when I come to Barcelona.

In an interview with Catalan radio station RAC 1, Henrique said that Barcelona is been closely following his performances: "I know that they are taping all my games and that's something that makes me happy and it's another motivation to get better. I try to get better every day so I'm ready when Barcelona needs me.

Here in Germany, I'm gaining the confidence needed to play in a European top club like Barcelona and I want to thank my current coach for that. I know that there's a lot of competition in Barcelona. There are a lot of central defenders but I will keep on working to get a chance."

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Ramzi said...

"The most difficult thing has been adapting to the cold weather and to the language, which are two things that are very different compared with Brazil."

Well thats why I said once it will be good for Barcelona to strengthen ties with a Portuguese Club.
Sending a player who need some polish to a Portuguese club make him able to adapt with la liga easier than in Germany, I am talking about players like herique, hernanes, Maxi lopez(who got ruined for being installed to the Barcelona squad before he is ready for it)....

Portugal is the right stage (climate, language, league style, and tactics) to warm a player for the big challenge called Barcelona and I am not talking about players who were raised in Barcelona academy, like crosas whom i believe went to the right club in Scotland, but the imported players who will have no more than one year to be ready for the big challenge of being Barcelona first team players.

Still, Bayer Leverkusen are well known for there history of creating great central backs, thats a plus, so lets hope things work to the best of the player and the club.

Anonymous said...

Leverkusen is also a great club to learn. The Bundesliga is better than the Portuguese league, so if he makes it there, he should be ready.

barca nike said...

He is a great defender that will make our defence strong. We will have great players for defence next year.

Dan R said...

He seems like one of our best signings this season, but still i wonder what the fuck is this picture?!

Anonymous said...

When did he decide to change his career and become a construction worker ?

Anonymous said...

he will become construction worker when he will retire..after 40 year..heh

forca barca and good luck today!!!

pep said...

Apparently Leverkusen has this tradition that all their player pose like that (check their website). I think it's because they're traditionally a working class club.

Anonymous said...

That is soo wierd .. Imajine our club did that, Messi Xavi Alves Iniesta in that pose .. (Puyol would be perfect for this pose)

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