Thursday, 23 October 2008

Caceres (2): "It's often impossible to mark Messi"

In an interview with Catalan sports paper Sport, Barcelona central defender Martín Cáceres talked about his season so far.

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What do you think about what you're living at Barcelona now?
It's an honour to be part of such a great squad, that is full of excellent players. I'm motivated to help the team as much as I possibly can, trying to win all the competitions we're taking part in.

One of your team-mates is Messi, who you had to mark in the Uruguay game against Argentina..
Messi is an impressive player. The truth is that it wasn't the first time I had to play against him in an inernational match.

You had done it before.
Yes, but it was the first time being his team-mate at Barcelona.

This makes a difference?
If you want it or not and although I'm defending my country and he's defending his country, playing at the same club has an influence because it's not the same playing against a guy you don't know at all or playing against someone you daily share a dressing-room with. It's obvious that this, although maybe just mentally, has an influence.

Becausse I see him at training every day, because I know what he's capable of, because I know him better.

This helps you to mark him better?
Most of the time, it's impossible to mark Messi. It's an unpredictable player. I know what he can do and it's not easy to stop him.

What is the key?
The main thing is trying to be one step ahead and not giving him space because he controls the balls very well and if you give him one second to think, he's gone.

Messi is the best player in the world?
If he's not the best, he's now certainly amongst the three best players.

You're lucky he's your team-mate.
Yes, I only have to play against him in international games or on training. I'm very happy to have him in Barcelona because as an opponent, he's a nightmare.

With Uruguay you're playing as left back defender. Where do you feel more comfortable?
The truth is that it's not always that easy to adapt to the left back but if the coach asks me to play there, I have to make an effort and have discipline to help the national team.

At Barcelona you've always played as central defender so far.
I feel more comfortable there, but I'll play wherever they ask me to play.

This was the second and last part of this interview.

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