Thursday, 4 September 2008

Iniesta wants to spend whole career in Barcelona

Asked about his plans for the future, Barcelona midfielder and Spanish international Andrés Iniesta (24) said in an interview with Spanish sports paper Sport that he doesn't have any intention to leave Barcelona:

"Of course I plan to stay with Barcelona. I already renewed my contract until 2014 and I hope to spend the rest of my career at this club. Although this will obviously also depend upon my performances because you always have to be at the level that is required. I sure am delighted to have already spent half of my life in Barcelona."

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Marc said...

no other team can count on this level of loyalty from its stars.

Anonymous said...

Well.... I hate Real Madrid but you got to admire the commitment from their players. Casillas, Guti, Raul and now Ramos have been offered and accepted lifetime contracts... And then we have Roma with Totti, de Rossi and Aquilani..

djoef said...

Overrated players like Raul or Guti cannot get paid more if they would leave, so it's normal they stay. Iniesta, Xavi and Puyol could earn more elsewhere but never even considered leaving. Guys like Ramos, De Rossi and Aquilani have already flirted with other teams.

Anonymous said...

raul is not overrated ya maybe guti is bt raul is class even if im a barca fan thts a fact. in my opinion raul is one of teh underrated players maybe if he had been in epl tht shit league then he wud have been quoted teh best player jus like henry was. n now tht cry baby ronaldo. seriously henry was god at arsenal bt at barca shit ass n he has never performed for teh country so tht aint class.

djoef said...

Raul never performed for his country either, thank you for proving my point... ;)

cojonudo said...

Wish there were more players that thought along the same lines as Iniesta out there. I'm sure if he hadn't agreed to renew his contract he would have had no shortage of potential suitors. He could have jumped at the chance to be a guaranteed starter and "star" for another club, but chose to remain at Barcelona even if it means fighting for a first team spot or coming off the bench as a sub. I'm sure he wouldn't be thrilled at the prospect of coming off the bench, but his "team first" attitude and desire to remain with the club is refreshing to hear.

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