Sunday, 31 August 2008

Barça B: Iago will sign with Juventus tomorrow

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Barcelona Atlètic attacker and Spanish youth international Iago Falqué (18) will sign a four-year deal with Italian club Juventus on Monday (read more here).

Iago, for whose transfer Juventus manager Claudio Ranieri has pushed hard, will always train with the first team, although he'll start playing with the reserves. The plan is to integrate the player step by step in the first team. After maximum one and a half season he should be a full member of the senior squad.

Barcelona has accepted to let Iago leave for free. If the attacking midfielder will play 30 matches with Juventus' first team, Barcelona will receive 1 million euro°. When Juventus sells the left-footed player, Barcelona will get 30 per cent of the transfer fee.

Asked about the rumoured transfer to Juventus, Iago's mother and Spanish senator Carmela Silva confirmed the news to Galicia regional newspaper El Faro de Vigo: "He's very happy. There were other clubs who were seriously interested in him, like Real Madrid or Valencia. But he really wanted to leave for a foreign club and the fact that Claudio Ranieri has confidence in him was decisive."

The paper claims that Ranieri sent a member of his technical staff to Ireland last week, where Iago played an international youth tournament with the Spanish U-19 national team. Iago was elected as best player of the tournament and Ranieri was delighted about the scouting report he received.

Barcelona president Joan Laporta would already have given his approval to the deal. Now everything has to be formally put on paper and signed. Iago, who played seven years for the Barcelona youth teams, is ready to travel today to Turin, where he will undergo the medical tests and sign his contract.

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pep said...

1 million euro =

1,5 million us dollar
0,8 million british pound

Anonymous said...

shame...luis enrique are make big mistake

Anonymous said...

Luis Enrique sucks man! what the hell is wrong with him, letting one of Spains biggest talent atm leave for free just because hes to "young" eventhough hes older then Bojan and Thiago/Gai Assulin. Shame on Barcelona for how they handled his situation. HUGE mistake

Anonymous said...

'Iago was elected as best player of the tournament' Dont they see the talent of this player?

Anonymous said...

i love barca.. but things like this just makes me hate the board a bit more and more.. with every day that passes!!..
luis enrique can go to h***.. and so can laporta for letting this happen!!!
i mean iago has rejected bids after bids for several years.. that means that he didn't play with us for the money.. but for the love.. for the hope to play at camp nou one day.. players like this is what we need!! and what the fans.. every fan wants.. trust me

but no enirque buys players that plays for cash.. and let players that plays for love leave..
why does things like this happen? why..

Anonymous said...

Can't wait until Laporta, Txiki and even Lucho, leaves the club.

Shame on you. What a disgrace to release a huge talent as Iago and for free. I still can't believe this is happening.

cojonudo said...

I'm very dissapointed to hear this news but at the same time I don't believe anyone should be fired over it. Emotions are high right now and while not seeming to come to Enrique's defense one has to believe there was a legitimate reason he no longer required Iago's services at the club.

I can't understand Enrique's decision either but I don't want to form a rush to judgement until the dust settles and without giving Enrique a chance to coach the 'B' team for a full season.

Look, I wish Iago all the success in the world, even if it's for another club. But as the saying goes Barcelona is "Mes que un club!" Barcelona is greater than any individual player and that will always ring true.

blaugranafan said...

Good points, cojonudo.

To add my two cents: I'm a bit surprised at some of the posts here implying that the Barca hierarchy don't recognize the talent of Iago. I seriously doubt that was the case, and I think that's a silly assumption. I admit that from how this thing has played out in the press, Enrique could have done a better job in handling the situation. But from a footballing perspective, you have to wonder where Iago is going to fit in. I think he's somewhat versatile, but his best positions seem to be on the wing. Messi has the right flank locked up for as long as he is here. Meanwhile, Gai, who plays on the left, has been said to have much more potential than Iago. We also have Jeffren playing ahead of Iago on the left.

I like to see home grown players in the first team, but somebody please tell me where Iago would play given our current first team and the Barca B players ahead of Iago?

Re: the 4th anon post (is it really that much trouble for you all to use an alias?), I think releasing him for free was a somewhat magnanimous gesture...the brass realized they had treated Iago somewhat poorly and didn't want to make a mess of the situation by not only refusing to promote him, but holding out for a big transfer fee.

Anonymous said...

im very disapointed!!!! What a big mistake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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