Monday, 1 September 2008

The Points: Numancia

Valdés 5___6.5___4___6___6

Alves 4___6___2___4.5___6
Márquez 3___6.5___3___5.5___6
Puyol 4___7___3___6___6.5
Abidal 2___5.5___3___5___5

Xavi 5___7___3___5.5___6.5
Touré 4___6.5___3___5.5___6.5
Iniesta 4___6.5___3___5.5___6

Messi 5___7.5___2___5___7
Eto'o 6___6___2___5.5___6
Henry 2___5.5___2___5.5___5

Hleb 5___7___2___6___6
Bojan 5___6.5___3___5___6
Keita 5___7___4___6___6.5


If you have seen the match, you can give your own points. If you know other papers or sites that give points, you can let me know.


SJP said...

looks like theres new kids on the block, man city have been bought by arab group with better spending power than man u and chelsea! city seem desperate for striker £30+ mil bid for berba may hijack from united, come on city, also bid for gomez and villa. although i think henry could still do well if played at CF if city are paying 30+ for berba why not offer henry for 20 mil? wonder when we get linked with berba, madrid have already been. kinda envious we are not going for anyone!

Anonymous said...

lol at offside...

but the truth hurts. This barca team was the one from last season.

And the french connection on the left wing is just a waste of exygen...Abidal and Henry are both suffering from suck-itis.

I would have sold either for a bag of chips and a bottle of coke but for whatever reason we are stuck with that hot garbage now.

memo said...

As dissapointed as i was with Valdes.. where the fuck was Abidal? Ive been saying this for months but now everyone is starting to notice for themselves.

Valdes 5
Alves 5
Marquez 6
Puyol 6
Abidal 3
Xavi 6
Iniesta 6
Toure 5
Henry 5
Messi 6
Eto'o 7

Hleb 5
Bojan 6
Keita 5

Kxevin said...

We're cruel but fair over at the Offside. Some places start from 10 and work their way down. We start from zero and work our way up. ;P

Anonymous said...

Just can't stand Pep, why Messi was playing mostly in the inside along side Eto'o rather than the RW? He was caught betwn RW and 2nd CF. I have no idea what Henry is doing on the LW. He keeps on jumpin jumpin like he did in the last season. Totaly, the team was less focused and less aggresseve. Where is the Barca vs Boca Jr spirit? Gardiola was confused in making changes. Helb should come in first to team up with Messi. Lets hope for the best in the coming games.

Anonymous said...

I've Heard Robinho went to Man City. is that true Pep?

Kxevin said...

I'm not Pep, but 'tis true. For around 33 million. It's probably the most surprising transfer of the season, for a couple of reasons, most notably because of the probable absence of Champions League footy for Robinho.

Anonymous said...

Exactly !!
Hleb should hav played the LW alongside Messi.
WTF is henry doing there ?
He totally messed it up , to top it off we got Abidal at the LB. Hez become absent minded these dayz. Mess !!!
Lets jus hope Hleb plays in the Left next match

messiah said...

Here are my ratings that you can find on my romanian Barça related blog (

Valdes 6
Dani Alves 6
Puyol 6,5
Marquez 6
Abidal 5
Xavi 6,5
Toure Yaya 6,5
Iniesta 6
Messi 7
Eto’o 6
Henry 5
Hleb 6
Krkic 6
Keita 6,5

I agree Barça made a terrible start in Primera but they still had some good oportunities to level the score and they encountered a very well organized team. Thats why I didnt rate any player below 5.

pep said...

Thanks, Messiah. I added them to the post and from now on I'll check your blog and add them directly.

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