Wednesday, 3 September 2008

[Valiente] Albacete-Sevilla B

Spanish second division team Sevilla Atlético, the second team of first division club Sevilla, started the new season last Sunday with a 2-1 defeat against Albacete.

Former Barcelona Atlètic player Marc Valiente couldn't play due to problems with his pubic bone.

Because Barcelona has the right to buy Valiente back at the end of this season (read more here), this blog will follow the performances of the central defender over the next year.

Sunday 31 August: Albacete-Sevilla Atlético 2-1
Injured. Valiente has pubis problems.


Anonymous said...

"Valiente has pubis problems." Is it only me or is that really amusing?

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha gutted for him

pep said...

That's what the official statement says ("el técnico no podrá contar con Valiente, que arrastra problemas de pubis desde su llegada"). I can't hold back medical information. The reputation of my blog is at stake here!

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