Friday, 5 September 2008

Di Maria and Arshavin will be monitored

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Barcelona will be closely monitoring the situation of Benfica left winger and Argentinian international Angel Di María (20 - picture, on the right) and Zenit Saint-Petersburg forward and Russian international Andrei Arshavin (27).

Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola is aware that his squad lacks a left winger and if he cannot solve this problem with the current players, Barcelona will probably sign a player for that position during the January transfer window.

That's the reason why Barcelona will follow the performances of Di María, who would have the advantage that he will still be able to participate in the Champions League next year, and Arshavin over the coming months. Boca Juniors forward and Argentinian international Rodrigo Palacio (26) would be a third option.

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Anonymous said...

I think Arshavin has the skills and the experience to really make the difference for us (even if he's not a real left winger). He's fast, very technical, excellent dribbling, can score a goal, I like him.

I think that if Zenit is eliminated from the Champions League he could well leave. On the other hand: if they are still in, Madrid could well be out...

Dan R said...

if Di Maria can play the CL even after the January transfer window it will be fucking excellent!!!

Great opportunity to snap up a Madrid target and let him show them what he is capable of!

I think he is a great player now and will be even better in the future, plus i believe he fits Barca's formation much more then Arshavin!

Ramzi said...

djoef even if Zenit got eleminated, still he will not be able to participate with barcelona in CL this season, and though, barcelona will not sign him on january.
beside, for the price Zenit ask, barcelona will not even consider him as an option, they will not make risky signing for a player who will turn 29 next season with poor physics and uncertain quality on the highest i know what kind of responds i will get for that, but thats a fact wheather we like it or not.

I believe barcelona scouting system will be working hard to generate some new options, but certainly Di Maria will be one on the Radar.

Anonymous said...

I know he will not be able to participate anymore, Ramzi, but that doesn't mean he can be helpful in the Liga (which should always be the main objective).

I just meant that Zenit certainly won't sell him if they're eliminated cause then they will want him there for the next stages of the CL.

If they are eliminated, they could finally allow the player to leave, something he wants very much.

If you have seen some matches of the Euro and the Uefacup last season, it's obvious his quality is very certain. That game against Holland was the best piece of football we've seen on any soccer field last season (including Ronaldo and Messi) and that was on the highest level.

So he sure has the quality. Another thing is if he can bring the quality on a permanent basis.

Anonymous said...

I think that Di Maria is the best option because he is 7 years younger than Arshavin and already has qualities of a world class player

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping for Di Maria.

Anonymous said...

Because we have Gai coming for that position (and he's an absolute talent!!!), I think buying Di Maria (who has everything to prove but still is already worth 30 million euro), whose only a few years older, could make us loose Gai on the cheap.

In that perspective Arshavin could be the better choice. Maybe we can find some loan deal (plus option to buy) with Zenit. Would be good for Zenit (they're not stuck with an unhappy player, Arshavin (can try his luck abroad) and Barcelona (we have a short-term solution for our left wing problems and can then in the summer make a final decision after having tested Arshavin.

Unknown said...

off topic... but for all you eto'o lovers... he's started missing training already!!!!!! not even a week into the season.

Anonymous said...

maybe we should give jeffren or Gai a chance at left wing. henry should be in the middle.

Anonymous said...

Even if we consider a bid for Di Maria he is goin to be at an overated price as always, interest from other big clubs will affect the price a lot. we should have gone after him much early. forget about Arshavin too old and too expensive. its easy Iniesta or Hleb for the LW , Etoo and Henry for CF.

Dan R said...

Di Maria said he is ready to quit benfica and will decide in Decemeber... :X

Anonymous said...

Di Maria. fast, skillfull and good shooting. different style from messi. will not cut inside. hence less predictable. offers a different style to attack. can provide width and in the nou camp that would kill! di maria knows messi. they play well together. seems that he will fit in better than arshavin.

Am not sure if arshavin can compete at the highest level. not yet impressive. di maria is impressive. barca MUST get him.

am sure barca will bounce back after january. there will be transfers for sure if performance dont improve. even if di maria if expensive its better to lose money than to lose a player to madrid!!

Ramzi said...

djoef yea it happened that I watched the games u mentioned:)but I also watched the game against spain. All russia players were great against holland, it was mostly a tactical and physical dominance, and we have seen Zenit without Arshavine and they proved what helped him to rise, but I am also aware of Arshavine history before this short cycle of glory, his lack of maturity, inconsistancy and how he collapse when things dont suit him perfectly.
Barcelona will not pay to get a player to play on the wing only in the liga, it mean they dont count on the other options for the wing, so how do u think the CL winger will approach the games? when u sign a player u sign him to play where ever needed.

Again he will turn 29 by summer, he may need a year to adapt, and a player with his physics and position and style, its really a big gamble to pay and get him, believe me barcelona are too good for that option.

Ramzi said...

djoef say: "That game against Holland was the best piece of football we've seen on any soccer field last season (including Ronaldo and Messi) and that was on the highest level."

well read urself so u know u r not realistic with ur judgement, it was a good game, arshavine did well, nothing THAT special man..

Dan R said...

We should consider buying Sebastian Giovinco of Juventus!,
he is the most skillful youngster i have seen these days (together with balotelli).
and he can play both center attacking midfield and left winger!
it seems he has trouble renewing his contract at the old lady's!
swooping him will be a mega boost to the team!

Anonymous said...

i think russian season finishes in is so pep?
Thats why arshavin can be easily available in january especially if zenit are no more in champions league.I like both but i prefer ribery.

Anonymous said...

Eto'o was just late for practice, coming back from a few Guardiola-approved days off.

Both players are going to be too rich for our blood, I fear. Arshavin's price, if you believe recent comments by Advocaat, is now 30 million. Di Maria, I believe, is even more expensive. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

I'm not sure they're the answers we're seeking. I'm not sure that the player exists. Guardado?

And as others have said, why not some of the immensely talented B players? We can't lose Assulin. That kid is the business.

Anonymous said...

I like this, i hope its true those are my top 2 options, theyll be hard to get because of there prices but are very much woth it, I'd go with di maria for 4 reasons

1. hes younger
2.he'll adapt in barca easier
3.even though theyre both expensive hes still cheaper
4. we'll have him before the damn madristas!!!

Ramzi said...

Kxevin You said it right, Focus on the raising talents in the club, if those talents were somewhere else, barcelona will be barking for them, paying whatever it may take!

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