Sunday, 23 August 2009

Barça B - Friendly 5: Palamos-Barcelona 0-1


Iván Benítez



In the second half the following players also took part:
Masip, Montoya, Armando, Maestre, Ilie, Edu Oriol, Soriano and Planas.

40 Benja 0-1

Palamós plays in the Spanish fourth division, Barcelona Atlétic plays in the Spanish third division.

Previous pre-season friendly games:
Barça B - Friendly 1: Tona-Barcelona 0-2
Barça B - Friendly 2: Barcelona-Reus 2-1
Barça B - Friendly 3: Girona-Barcelona 0-1
Barça B - Friendly 4: Barcelona-Hospitalet 3-1



hawk_barca_4_life said...

they r improving there performance 4m last year by conciding less goals which costed them by losing playoff position by 2 pts i guess

barca4life said...

No Gai? Any reason why? No Rochina either?

pep said...

Gai, Rochina and Oriol Romeu were injured.

Mido said...

who is the player in the pic maybe luque

pep said...

Luque indeed.

Andréssibraviqué said...

Pep no news off late except that about Chyhrynskiy!? Because we definitely need to get a decent back-up to cover Xavi, Iniesta & Henry don't you think?

Brandon said...

Benja is immense! How old is he, he should have gotten a chance with the first team over the summer.

I remeber a long run of games where it seemed like he was the only one scoring.

pep said...

If there's news, you'll read it on the blog asap... ;) At this moment things look quiet, but you never know!

pep said...

Benja 21 or 22, born in 1987.

Andréssibraviqué said...

Actually you seem to update only that news which appear in media, and not the general opinion or some thing... And I always thought you are from Catalonia, so thought you might add more than just the media speculation. I know you are very busy these days with your work and all, but I can't stop myself being curious. Moreover this fear of not signing any more is killing me :(

Andréssibraviqué said...

And I just love the way you gather information from different media BTW :)

pep said...


It's not as if I'm an insider and know more that appears in the media... We're just reporting what we read and hear.

Andréssibraviqué said...

I know, and it's not the first time I couldn't stop myself and asked you if you can provide any inside news ;)

pep said...

Well, we had the first exclusive blog report today: Ibrahimovic, Maxwell and Henrique are staying at the Princesa Sofia hotel...

Sachincule said...

do you have an idea how luque and ivan benitez are doing?? i remember they were considered huge talents back then especially ivan benitez i remember he was very hyped but it cooled off afterwards and then suddenly we signed him...

pep said...

Seems both are doing quite well. Ivan is linked up with Bartra at the back and they have been very solid this pre-season. Luque has his spot in midfield.

Of course, it's to be seen what will happen when Muniesa-Fontàs and Joanthan would return to Atlètic.

Sachincule said...

i'd like thiago and jonthan to play as many games together as possible, this would only enhance their understanding with each other further(they both played together in the juvenil A side)... afterall they are the future midfield duo for Barca and they need to have an almost telepathic understanding for that(like xavi, iniesta)

Messiah said...

Sachin, I agree 110%. Besides nothing like friendly competition for a first team spot which would only benefit them both and enhance their skillz.

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