Thursday, 31 July 2008

Barcelona president denies Trezeguet interest

Asked about the rumours linking Juventus forward David Trezeguet (30) with a summer move to his club (read more here), Barcelona president Joan Laporta has yesterday denied the interest in the French player at a press conference before the game against Fiorentina:

"Barcelona is not interested in this player. It's a great player, but we already have our team almost in place."

Asked for a reaction on that statement, Juventus president Giovanni Cobolli Gigli said to Italian sports paper La Gazzetta dello Sport that his club didn't plan to let the Frenchman go anyway: "I'm happy that Barcelona doesn't want Trezeguet because we didn't have any intention to sell him."

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cojonudo said...
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cojonudo said...

I can't understand what took Laporta so long to make such a statement? No matter how much truth there was to the rumor, the fact remained that it kept growing legs and wouldn't go away. Everyone knew that Trez was a "reach" and it gave the impression that Barcelona were taking desperate measures to find a suitable replacement for Eto'o.

I'm starting to believe that Barcelona may be better off being "stuck" with Eto'o for one more season and swallowing the 10-15mil hit, versus splashing 20-25mil on a replacement who is only viewed as a short term, "stop gap" fix.

Anonymous said...

Well thank god for that.....Trez for Eto'o.....what a ridiculous concept!! I agree with cojonudo that we will probably end up keeping Eto'o this season. I still think he is one of the best strikers in the world and I would take him over most of the names being splashed around in the papers. I dont see why we would need to sell him next year, sell Henry next year and give Eto'o a new contract!

I understand what Pep wants to achieve by bringing in a "target man". If that is the case then I say sell Henry and get a target man to play with Eto'o. Why they want to sell the younger striker who hasnt even reached his peak instead of the older one who is passes it is very curious!

Anonymous said...

Let us all thank the guy upstairs. Awesome.

Hadi said...

the best decision by laporta...we don't need another old frenchman...we need to keep Eto'o and Sell henry to Man Utd so we can sign another talent striker beside Eto'o...If barca wants to sign another experiance striker the best option is DROGBA and thats it....BARC 4LIFE

blaugrana-till-i-die said...



Anonymous said...

"Why they want to sell the younger striker who hasn't even reached his peak instead of the older one who is passes it is very curious!"

I agree. I wouldn't said it better. I wonder is Guardiola so stupid or what? To sell one of the greatest players ever really doesn't make much sense. I need someone to answer to my question (Pep, maybe you?): If Laporta and most of the players (Messi, Yaya, Xavi, etc.) say that they want Eto'o stays, how 2 stupid morons like Txiki and Guardiola can push Eto'o out of club? I'd rather see Guardiola goes. He's stupid as fuck.

White said...

Hey! why you guy dont think that the Pep's tactic wants more dimention or make more chance to score than the past because as you can see from last year they just past the ball from feet to feet and find the way to pass in penalty area because barca dont have any striker that have a good header at all so they want something bigger like drogba, berba, trez that you can cross the ball inside and make some problem to they opponent by the air and also good by feet too not like eto'o that do not good in the air.

Anonymous said...

Wow, first things first...could Trezeguet look any gayer in the picture? On a serious note, I read Inter and Milan are interested in Eto'o...lets get Suazo from Inter(and cash of course)!

Anonymous said...

one sentence, PRAISE GOD!!!

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