Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Valencia will listen to offers for Silva

Asked about the rumours linking Valencia left winger and Spanish international David Silva (22) with an exit, new Valencia sports vice president Fernando Gómez has said in an interview with Valencia regional newspaper Las Provincias that the club is ready to listen to offers:

"If you only look to the football side of the story, who wouldn't hold on to Silva or Villa... I will do everything that is possible to keep them with us and the president has the same intention. They are extraordinary players and we will treat them well, like we do with everyone.

But we'll have to wait and see what will happen in the end. At this moment, I don't have any concrete offer on the table but I will look at every offer that will come in for whatever player of the squad."

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that the new Valencia board wants to take advantage of the good performances of Silva and Villa during last month's European championships and intends to sell both players as a solution for the financial problems of the club.

While Julio Llorente and Amadeo Rengel, the agents of Silva, were ready to start talking about a contract renewal, the new situation at the club could lead them to prefer an exit. Barcelona would be considering a 20 million euro° bid for the Spanish winger.

Valencia regional sports paper Super Deporte claims that Llorente and Rengel will travel to Valencia this week to know first hand about the plans of the club, with Silva mainly wanting to stay if the club has an ambitious project and if he gets a contract renewal.

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pep said...

20 million euro =

31 million us dollar
16 million britsh pound

Anonymous said...

They are getting desperate. We should wait and the price will probably drop to 15million.

Anonymous said...

i know people are going to go on about 3 goals/5 assist (or was it the other way round?) but i really think this could be a great signig for the club. we play very different way to valencia and silva will be playing differently as a LFW instead of LM its a gamble but less of a risk than arsharvin. however barca should not pay more than at the most 25 mil

cojonudo said...

I think one of the main things to keep in mind is the different perceptions some people have towards Arshavin or Silva joining the club. Some view Arshavin as a sub, and perhaps situational starter. However most view Silva as an immediate starter at that left wing position from day one.

I don't deny Arshavin's flair for the dramatic, but then again he seems to have popped up from out of nowhere. Yes, I know he had a wonderfull UEFA Cup run for Zenit, and yes, he showed flashes of brilliance at the Euro's, but how come it's taken so long to finally unearth this gem? He's 27, so where's the been the last 10yrs.?

Silva on the other hand is not only younger, but has proven he can stand up to La Liga play. At the age of only 22, one has to assume he is only going to get better. And he's a "natural" winger. Silva provides "substance" over Arshavin's "flair". I don't think Silva's is a "Hleb case" - can't shoot on target to save his life! - rather I believe it's the fact that Silva doesn't look to score as often as he should. He will gladly look to assist rather than take his own shot. On a team filled with willing shot takers his unselfishness may provide Barcelona the better fit.

Arshavin is a good player, I just think he's either going to be a "boom or bust" player at Barcelona. Either he's going to be out of this worldly good, or sink like a stone. Silva on the other hand seems like the safer bet. More steady, consistent and you know what you're getting upfront.

Anonymous said...

Throw 25 million at them and bring this little diamond home!

Anonymous said...


Arshavin's been a star at Zenit for several years now. Frank (Rijkaard) evidently had his eye on him for a couple of seasons prior to the Euros. he was a bit of a late bloomer, and though talented was quite precocious until about 23. but the past few years he's really been the driving force behind much of Zenit's success and they wouldn't have won the UEFA Cup without him. we've certainly bought players on less.

i see Silva's role as a bit redundant. we already have several minuscule, technically gifted players who can make good passes. what we need is a pacy, tricky winger for the left to complement our little Argentine on the right. if that player is strong on the ball, that's an added plus for when we face big defenses in the Champion's league. Arshavin is all of that, Silva comes up short (another size joke. he he).

add to all of this the fact that Silva is perfectly happy at Valencia and Arshavin is practically frantic trying to join his lifelong favorite club, us, and you also have a big gap in motivation.

this might help convince you a bit about Arshavin's ability: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIRxxurh0xg

Anonymous said...

oh, and the fact that Arshavin scores goals at nearly double the rate of Silva.

Silva : 9 goals in 70 games (3 in 19 for Spain)
Arshavin : 47 goals in 217 games (13 in 37 for Russia)

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