Saturday, 28 June 2008

Vice president confirms Trezeguet off the list

Asked about the rumours linking Juventus forward David Trezeguet (30) with a summer move to Barcelona, Barcelona economic vice president Ferran Soriano has said in an interview with Italian sports paper Tuttosport that the French striker is not an option anymore (read more here):

"It's true that we were thinking about David, but in the end we preferred other options and I don't think we will come back for him. We're not interested anymore in Trezeguet and we are close to sign another great striker."

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Anonymous said...

Given his age and the club's asking price it wasn't a good move to make. Juventus wanted approximately as much for him as what Arsenal is asking for Adebayor. And Ade's 7yrs. younger! I may not be Ade's biggest fan but common sense tells me you go for the player who's best years are still to come, over a player who's in the twilight of his career. And we already have such player on the club in Henry. Why do we need another?

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