Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Could Barcelona pick up a player from Zaragoza?

With Zaragoza relegated to Segunda División and having a debt of over 100 million euro, it's clear the club will have to sell players in the summer.

Like a lot of other clubs Barcelona is following the events in Zaragoza, looking for the possibility to pick up a player for a good price, like they did when current left back defender Sylvinho was transfered from relegated Celta Vigo for only 2 million euro° back in 2004.

Madrid sports tabloid Marca claims that strikers Diego Milito and Sergio García are for sale. Barcelona has in the past been linked several times with Zaragoza forward Diego Milito (28) (read more here), the older brother of Barcelona central defender Gabriel Milito.

The Argentian has a buyout fee of 100 million euro°, although Zaragoza is believed to have verbally agreed with the player that they will accept an offer between 15 and 20 million euro°. Catalan sports paper Sport nevertheless claims that Barcelona is not planning to make a bid for Diego Milito because they consider that price still be too high.


pep said...

° 2 million euro =

3,2 million us dollar
1,6 million british pound

100 million euro =

160 million us dollar
80 million british pound

15-20 million euro =

24-32 million us dollar
12-16 million british pound

Anonymous said...

Get Zapater and Sergio Garcia as backups. Go Txiki, get them NOW!

Unknown said...

hmmmm. a good GM or technical secretary walks in there with 10-15 million dollars and walks out with zapateer and garcia.. excellent back-up players who wont ask for much money and would just really be happy to be there. We ditch eto'o and let henry and bojan and sergio garcia fight for a striking spot. toure and zapateer can fight for the holding midfield spot.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention Alvaro Mejia and Dani Aquino from Murcia. Although I hear Real Madrid has "first rights" to Aquino and would probably loan him out again to a newly promoted team. Even if Eto'o leaves I don't know if I would be that interested in Garcia because you would still have Henry and Bojan as your central strikers. I'd much prefer Zapater instead. Although as the person above stated if Zaragoza is willing to offer us a better package deal for the two players I'd jump at it.

Anonymous said...

perhaps we could get Pablo Aimar??

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