Saturday, 31 May 2008

Atletico Madrid confirms Marquez interest

Asked about the rumours linking the player with his club, Atlético Madrid sports director Jesús García Pitarch has admitted that Barcelona central defender and Mexican international Rafael Márquez (29) is on Atlético's summer transfer list (read more here).

In an (unconfirmed) interview with Madrid sports tabloid Marca, Pitarch explained that Márquez is a player that Atletico could make an approach for with Atlético manager Javier Aguirre having put the name of his compatriot forward:

"Aguirre has put Márquez's name to us, that is true. We have a plan to buy a defensive midfielder and if possible one that can also play in the centre of defence. On the table at the moment we have various names and Márquez is one of them."

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This transfer should only go ahead if it generates enough money to allow the caceres deal to go through.As well, he wont really be missed as a defensive midfielder cause yaya and keita are already there.However,if they dont sell him,then they should forget about signing caceres as that would stack the central defence too much and then somebody is going to complain about too little playing time.

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