Monday, 29 September 2008

Barcelona prepares offer for left back Vargas

Italian regional newspaper La Nazione claims that Barcelona is preparing a 13 million euro° bid for Fiorentina left back defender and Peruvian international Juan Vargas (24) (read more here).

The paper thinks that Fiorentina will be forced to sell a player in the January transfer window. Vargas, who joined the Italian club from Catania this summer, would nevertheles not be for sale and Fiorentina plans to reject every offer for him.

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Anonymous said...

finally...somebody who can rival marcelo. that would be a good signing. fast, dribbles well, score good goals. i say go for him.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and no defensive abilities....

I don't know, would be too much with Alves on the other side.

I'm all for a La Liga-proven left back like Filipe from Depor.

Furthermore, isn't Vargas cuptied in the CL?

Anonymous said...

I've said it before and I say it again. It's too late and he is now too expensive. I don't know what Fiorentina paid for him but I guess around 6 million.

About Marcelo he is highly overrated. If he played in Barcelona he would get shit after every match because defensively he is lousy.

Dan R said...

Many talented young left backs are out there... and abidal seems to be getting into it.
i dont think its a good call to splash the cash on a left back, especially not a cup tied one.

we need to catch youngsters!
like gareth bale or armand traore!
although the later is a wenger child it will be hard to get him...

pep said...

13 million euro =

21 million us dollar
10,5 million british pound

(forgot this one)

Anonymous said...

we need one like alves for the left side. i don't know how good vargas is but i think we need a defender with good skills... like alves.

Anonymous said...

Who TF is this player? And what about Abidal? I think Abidal is still a good player. Anyway, Barca bought a lot of defensive players this summer and buying another one would be wasting money. They can use Caceres on the left and Sylvinho is still here.

Barca nerd-fan said...

I think Guardiola should change his system. While Alves and the left back push up, get the def midfielder to drop back, playing somewhere just in front of the center back, and if needed the def midfield can drop back further as a center back and the two current center back can move outwards towards to flanks.

Anonymous said...

ok player 7 i will say.. lets buy him?? or..
there is still a lot time left to jan so no need to harry things up..
we do not need ok players that was all the talking all summer now we will go after another one?? but in general i like him.. i had him in fifa a season or two!! :)

Anonymous said...

I would say buy gareth bale if we need another defensive player (do we? we have henrique coming back from loan remember?) he has good defensive qualities can deliver ag ood ball in the box and in general one of the more balanced(in terms of defense and attack) LB's in my opinion. As has been stated in previous comments, Caceres can play on the left and until we know how well we should hold on buying a LB.
As for Abidal...........we'll wait and see before deciding whether he should get the axe or not.

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