Saturday, 7 February 2009

Quote of the day: Guardiola

We have lost a little brilliance, a little edge, but it does not worry me.

Josep Guardiola, Barcelona manager


Anonymous said...

We have really lost a little brilliance but that's all because we are playing with only 5 or 6 player of the First Eleven , which is normal not to score more than 2 ore 3 goals per ma5tch , and i don't want to go so far , also with those 5 first eleven player barca is confident on every game , i can say you can predict the winner from the 1st minute .

We are used to see them winning by 5 or 6 goals difference and now when Barca score only 2 or 3 goals we are not happy as we should .
One thing i know , Barca is on the way to win three trophies this year , and if they are just a little lucky with injury than that's more than possible.

Thank you guys .

Anonymous said...

i dont think we have lost brilliance or edge,the thing is we have great expectations for this team,we want to win every game in and out,that little edge is messi's form,he has been outstanding this season and now he is on the best form of his life and when he doesnt play it affects the team

the only down of form i see is in my favorite player eto,i believe he needs to score more goals in order to become more self confident(in last 2 months i dont think he has scored alot of goals) ,that he and he alone can change the fate of one game,and not wait for messi to get subbed in

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