Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Keita prefers Barcelona

French sports paper L'Equipe claims that Barcelona is following Sevilla central midfielder and Mali international Seydou Keita (28) and would be ready to pay the 14 million euro° transfer fee that Sevilla is asking (read more here).

With Real Madrid, Arsenal and Juventus also interested in the Malian player, Keita, whose contract with Sevilla expires in 2011 and who also has a French passport, would prefer to end up playing for Barcelona.

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Hadi, Tehran said...

he is great for barca. he is agressive and has powerful shots. (something that players doesn't have)

pep said...

° 14 million euro =

22 million euro
11 million british pound

pep said...

I agree on the long-range shot, that's something we lack and should be solved.

If that buyout clause is correct, I think that's a very reasonable price. He was the key player in Sevilla's midfield this season. Maybe he could both serve as back-up for Touré and as a player who can play higher up the pitch.

Anonymous said...

And with the possibility of Yaya either leaving for Arsenal or not being fully fit by the start of next season it's never a bad idea to have an "insurance policy" like Keita on board. I won't dispute he's got a "cannon" for a leg and has shown to be exceptional on set pieces. I agree with you Pep. For the price, its hard to find a better "value" out there than this guy. I say let's "cut the check" and get the deal done!

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