Friday, 23 May 2008

Keita passed by the Camp Nou

Sevilla midfielder and Mali international Seydou Keita was in the Camp Nou in Barcelona today to negotiate on his contract.

Keita and his agent met with Barcelona sports vice president Marc Ingla and Barcelona sports director Txiki Begiristain. It is believed that Barcelona and the player have reached an agreement.

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Keita and Barcelona agreed on a four-year deal. Spanish news agency Europa Press thinks that the player already underwent medical tests today.

Before making the deal official, Barcelona nevertheless wants to negotiate first with Sevilla on the transfer fee. Keita has a buyout fee of 14 million euro° but if the two clubs can find an agreement, Barcelona would not have to pay the VAT on that fee (read more
here). If a deal is not found, Barcelona will probably pay the 14 milion euro plus VAT (2,2 million euro°) on Monday.

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pep said...

° 14 million euro =

22 million us dollar
11 million british pound

2,2 million euro =

3,6 million us dollar
1,8 million british pound

Anonymous said...

I believe (abdullah) posted in the "short list candidates" thread a great point. 14mil Euro, (maybe even more) is a hell of a lot of money for someone to be a potential second option/back up player on this team. I just wonder "where" Keita is going to start? I would imagine he's going to play a more "defensive" midfielder role on the team? I feel there was a greater hole to fill in the "attacking" midfield position,(and this was even before Deco announced he was leaving.)Personally I would have saved the money and made a run at Diego. Even if it meant potentially losing out on Silva in the process! Sure you would love to have both, but unless this team get's an attacking "presence" in midfield, I'm afraid that Messi's going to have to do all the "creating" on his own. Putting so much responsibility on one man, (taking into account his history of injuries) is a HUGE risk to take in my opinion. I just feel this team had other, more urgent holes to shore up first,(i.e. right back, attacking midfielder, left winger, goaltender.)

Anonymous said...

Agree with the comment above... A great player to fit the attacking midfield role due to news of Deco leaving = Diego Ribas da Cunha.. But having a bit of doubts if it means losing out on David Silva

Anonymous said...

On Friday, May 21, 2008, Spanish and Catalan giants, FC Barcelona paid Sevilla €14 Million for Keita, signing a 4 year deal, after having dinner with the club's directors.

pep said...

It was signed before the dinner actually... ;)

But let's wait until it becomes official. (tomorrow?)

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