Thursday, 22 May 2008

Deco top target for Bayern

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Barcelona midfielder and Portuguese midfielder Deco (30) is a top target for Bayern Munich manager Jürgen Klinsmann after the German champions failed to transfer AC Milan midfielder Gennaro Gattuso (read more here).

Klinsmann will try to convince Deco, who has said he prefers to leave for England or Italy (read more here), by making him the key player of a squad ready to fight for next season's Champions League. Bayern would be considering to offer Barcelona a transfer fee of around 20 million euro° for the Brazilian born midfielder whose contract expires in 2010.

Deco meanwhile repeated in an interview with Spanish radio station Cadena Ser that he will certainly leave but is now focusing on the European championship: "I have not played a lot this season, so I know I'm gonna play a great Euro 2008. If they want me to stay after that, I won't accept. They haven't thrown me out but when a club says they are open to listen to offers, that means they not really want you anymore. And when that's the case, the best thing is to leave."

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pep said...

° 20 million euro =

32 million us dollar
16 million british pound

Anonymous said...

Very nice of Deco to lay the "mea culpa" guilt trip on Barcelona. As if he didn't have anything to do with him being shown the door. Way to "man up" Deco!...Everybody talks about "who's" going to replace Deco? or that "Deco's "irreplaceable", etc. etc. I honestly consider this "addition by subtraction". Whoever Barcelona gets to fill the position is certain to play harder than someone who's always full of excuses and is not committed to the club! I congratulate Deco on his part in Barca's past successes, and wish him well wherever he goes. But he realy needs to go...the sooner the better!

Nickr said...

I agree with you anon.....later Deco have fun

Anonymous said...

deco is good for to go to bayern good luck

Anonymous said...

go in peace deco i love how you play your football

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