Saturday, 24 May 2008

Oleguer wants to stay

Asked about the rumours saying that he could be one of the players having to leave Barcelona in the summer (read more here), Barcelona centre and right back defender Oleguer Presas (28) said at a promotional act for a brand of football boots that he couldn't be very concrete on his future at this stage: "The only thing I can say is that my intention always has been to stay with Barcelona."

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Anonymous said...

He should stay. We need a depth in our squad, and at least we know that Oleguer won't complain if he's not a starter. He has always been loyal to the club.

Anonymous said...

a true barça man. I share your opinion

Anonymous said...

Worst player of our squad. I know he is a true culé and would die for Barca but he has absolutely no quality. I would rather bring up someone from the B team or buy a backup player (Jonas from Mallorca).

Anonymous said...

Keep him. Why spend money for someone to come and sit on the bench.

If he's injury free, he's a valid player like he has proven in the seasons where we won two liga's and a Champions with him playing almost every game. Great mentality, true culé, you shouldn't even think about letting him go.

Anonymous said...

We won the Champions League with him, he should stay.

Anonymous said...

And? Is that a reason to keep him after two bad seasons? And mainly if you remember the CL final, Oleguer was miserable - he even caused the goal. Thanks God Belletti stepped in.

Anonymous said...

He's to bad :@...

Oleguer is not for Barça...

Unknown said...

Why pay money for a backup central defender when we already have one in oleguer who is competent. He satrted for almos an entire season a couple years ago and we won the CL with him??!! he is competent and thats all a backup centre half needs to be . Plus he loves the club and wont gripe and moan about being on the bench.. I dont get it...its a win win..??!! and he isnt even paid that much.. and at the end of the day.. he bleeds red and blue.

Anonymous said...

Which defender could have stopped that goal from Campbell? Nobody! That was just the perfect free-kick and the perfect header, no one could have prevented that.

He did great that CL (on a position that is not his natural position!), very good games against Chelsea and Milan.

Note: that free kick shouldn't have been given cause Van Bronckhorst didn't even touch Eboué who went down. Bad referee that game.

If you understand something of Barcelona, this shouldn't even be an issue. Visca Oleguer!

Anonymous said...

Its clear that Oleguer is still in Barcelona because he is a Catalan nationalist. Every non-catalan player with such a "skills" would be already sold or sacked.

Oleguers attacking is ridiculous for a Barca player. He is capable only to pass back...his contribution in that way is 0.

Defending? Ever worse because he causes a lots of goals. He is slow, inartificial and is only able to stop someone with a faul. He cant even play an offside system - just remember the Raul Tamudos goal which cost us the title.

Oleguer is just a shit. And I have to admit that when he was injured, it was good for Barca. He is a particularly flavoured ballast.

Anonymous said...

a true player but suck's now only if there was 'True' barcelona fan's and not these plastic one's and the ones that are so ungrateful to player's that have won alot for this club and they talk about loyalty?!pffffffffff shitty fan's every one of them..

Anonymous said...

ON PAPER Zambrotta should be better on the right and Milito should be better in the centr

But THE FACTS are:

2004-2005: Oleguer is a regular in the centre with Puyol and we win the Liga
2005-2006: Oleguer is a regular (in the centrre or on the right) and we win the Liga and the CL
2006-2008: Oleguer is no regular, Zambrotta plays two years on the right and Milito comes in last summer to play centre back, but we don't win anything

it's not all about talent but also about passion and motivation. And then Oleguer never lets you down.

I'm disappointed in a lot of fellow culés that they don't stand by a player that is whistled and jeered at in almost every stadium across Spain just for not being the dumb football player and being courage to explain his political views.

Anonymous said...

Is everyone blind? As far as I can tell, Oleguer is the worst defender on the planet! Watch any game, ANY GAME, that he played in in the last three years and you will see he is the worst. Remember Real Madrid last year? Who got a red card in the first half? Remember Champions League final? Who failed to guard Campbell (sorry for spelling)? Who was subbed off for Belletti who scored the Champions League winning goal? Barca should sell him to AYSO for $20. Look up Oleguer on Youtube.

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