Thursday, 2 July 2009

Medical tests and signature Keirrison next week

Asked about the situation of Palmeiras forward Keirrison (20) (read more here), the player's agent Marcos Malaquias has confirmed in an interview with Brazilian sports paper Lance that the transfer has almost been completed:

"The contract is ready, but it will only be singed next Friday, after the medical exams that will take place next week. I am very happy for Keirrison that he will be able to join Barcelona and continue his career in Europe."

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Watch this video of Keirrison:


Anonymous said...

The new Ronaldo? Or the new Renaldo? Time will tell.

barca4life said...

I saw edmilson blasted him and said he should not try the things he does in brazil because he will get damaged in europe.

Unknown said...

I hope he can be a legand

blaugrana1 said...

can anyone b kind enugh to tell me what can he add to barca? I know he has scored alot of goals, but what is he famous for? speed, dribbling, skills??

For example, eto has strength, bojan has skills and a good shot for goal, henry has pace, torres has superb shooting skills, ibra is has skills.

know what i mean? coz i have my doubts over keirrison ,what can he provide ?

Moe said...

i saw the video and nothing impressive... and by the way.. everyone can score from a penalty .. i donno why ppl who prepared this video didnt put better than his penalty goals... waste of time ... and barca money

Anonymous said...

Moe, that video contains only his first 12 goals this season..

Anonymous said...

blaugrana1: he is said to be something like Ruud or Inzaghi. He doesnt run too much when its not needed, doesnt impress with some tricks but he is always at the right place and almost every his shot ends in goal - clinical finisher.

woo sah said...

in 70 app. he's netted 38 times.
i'm combining both his seasons in cortiba and palmeiras.
that's more then a 50% strike rate.
what's he good at???
i guess simply its putting the ball in the net.
and he's young.

peter said...

Great signing!

Anonymous said...

Come on guys.. Have some faith. He has calm composure and eye for goals.

If he's good, let's support him to be better. Our club is known for polishing good players. Pep Guardiola also good at working with young players. Let him guide and develop Keirisson.

Aussie Barca Fan said...

K9 has some good atributes. He is solid build, tall, can shoot from both feet. He looks like he reads the play well also. I actually think he should start the season with us and see how he goes. If he doesn't settle by January then he should be loaned out but we should give the boy a chance. He could prove to be an excellent for year signing.

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