Thursday, 2 July 2009

Filipe hoping for a quick solution

Asked about the rumours linking him with a move to Barcelona (read more here), Deportivo La Coruña left back defender Filipe Luis (23) has said in an interview with Catalan radio station Catalunya Ràdio that he hopes for a quick solution:

"It has been a while that people are talking about a possible transfer to Barcelona and one then hopes that things could be solved soon because I don't know if I will have to stay or leave.

I won't deny that I would like to join a club like Barça, it's just a very uncomfortable situation. I didn't talk with anybody from Depor or Barça, I only know what my agent tells me and what I can read on the internet. My mobile phone is always switched on and I'm waiting to see what happens.

What I now know is what president Lendoiro said, that there was an offer and that he rejected it. I leave everything to my agent. He knows what I want. I have a contract with Depor so I cannot say that I want to play for another team but if this is the moment to leave, Barça would be the ideal club. I hope they can find a deal that is good for both."

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Manolo said...

I think this guy wants to play for Barça but doesn't tell it cuz if the affair doesn't go trough then there will be problems in depor..

As Villa and manny more players.

Quest. Have Zhirkov signed for Chelsea yet?

Marc4barca said...

i don't know too much about him but all i pray is that he doesn't end up another caceres.

real madrid is paying benzema a salary of 8.5mil wow from 4.5 at lyon to 8.5 at madrid makes you wonder what kaka and ronaldo are getting paid. if anyone knows plz tell me.

groga said...

I read Kaka 9 and Ronaldo 10 or 11, but in that case I think those two could be net, while Benzema could be gross.

Although I repeat we cannot know those things, it's mostly quite complicated to see what they earn, you cannot just say 9 or 10. The press wants that, but it's too easy.

Anyway, if they hold on to the Dutch guys, their wage structure is going to burst...

barca4life said...

Sigh, i wonder if he is coming depor are asking for 14 now, but i dont think we are going above 10. I can see us running to arsenal on the 30th of august to pay 15 million for clichy because we desperately need a LB. Sigh Oh btw chelsea signed a backup gk today so barca are the only major club in europe that have not made a signing yet.

bombastico said...

This Guy was honoured to be the best Leftback in La Liga!!

It would be an excellent reinforcement.

This young man does posses excellent defensive qualities and is unlike Abidal also useful for the offensive play of Barcelona to be done.
His flanks and free kicks could be an enrichment.

bombastico said...

I think that Depor could be satisfied if they are given an offer of 13 plus any performance bonuses.

Madbarcafan said...

forget it man ! Tell ure agent to forget about barca...mite b better to tell him to look to real madrid better.
if we make it thru the first round of copa del rey it would b an achievemnt!!!

-We need a backup for abidal.

-We need backup for when toure and keita leave for ACN.

-We need backup for Xavi

-We need a striker even if eto stays coz of ACN again.

-We need backup for Henry

The only youth players that will b able to withstand the pressure of being a direct replacement is Bojan. So a striker is not as imp as the others!

We have less than a month before preseason! we need signings. And ya we have a superb team but every team needs to reinforce to keep competing!

Areign said...

i really like his comments, seems like a very smart person. he managed to say hes loyal to his club and that he wants to play for barca. is there a vid of him? i now want to see him play.

woo sah said...

i don't think he will be another caceras based on the assumption that we has said to be last seasons best LB in Liga.
if we go after zhirkov we get him as a LW not LB. we don't need two forward minded fullbacks...that's crazy talk.
in ne case..i really hope we get this guy.

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