Friday, 3 July 2009

First formal bid for Villa

Catalan radio station Catalunya Ràdio claims that Barcelona has made late last-night a first formal bid for Valencia forward and Spanish international David Villa (27).

After having reached a principal agreement with the player (read more here), Barcelona would now have offered Valencia a transfer fee of 40 million euro° plus the loan of two players: Palmeiras forward Keirrison (20) and Barcelona central defender and Uruguay international Martín Cáceres (22).

The extremely difficult financial situation of Valencia, that for example still wouldn't have paid the salaries for the month of June, would force Valencia to sell at least one player this summer.

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pep said...

40 million euro =

56 million us dollar
34 million british pound

Anonymous said...

Again, Keirrison is 20 :)

Hung said...

It would be stupid of Valencia if they don't accept this offer. In my opinion it is the absolute best offer they can get and the best Barca can offer.

pep said...

Thanks, changed that. It's all Bojan's fault! ;)

Unknown said...

I dont think valencia want to get two player on laon because they may not be able to pay their wages

Anonymous said...

take it or leave it!
this is little bit too much for villa i think.
keirrison and caceres on loan would be nice.

raidall said...

some of you guys said that barca don't spend huge amounts for players but they just did.

and what will be the starting line up in the front if eto'o stays?
who will accept a bench role?

and you can't put henry on the bench after what he has done for us last season.

and if we can spend that money why couldn't we get zlatan for 40mil + eto'o. and eto'o wanted to go to inter. sometimes i think we are to greedy to give a little more

and that amount inter has asked for zlatan but barca refused to pay that price(70mil= 40mil+eto)

i still don't no why we are keep fighting for villa while zlatan himself had said that he wants to play for barca, and pep had told the staff to go for him.

and the same stupid mistake they made with arshavin. he wanted to play only for barca and now after he went to arsenal and seeing him play so well they want to buy him. but it's too late

i'm gonna keep saying this the barca staff can't convince great players to play for barca.

i think they forget that when you want to buy a great player you must pay a great price.

get zlatan for the 40 +eto'o then kereison and bojan will be backup and none of them will be on the african cup.

i heard laporta want fabregas then whose gonna sit on the bench.

for nothing we will spend so much cash on a player who won't play frequently like he does at arsenal.

and it was laporta who said that we got only 35 mil to spend but we already passed the 35 for only 1 player. then with wich money we are gonna buy fabregas a lb a dm a lw and a cb.

and selling hleb and guddy is not enough.

can't you all see that they are fooling us.
someting very strange is going on in the barca staff.

that's why i don't blame eto'o for his attitude currently becuz we don't know the truth about his transfers.

sorry for my english


ej said...

barca is offering too much

Unknown said...

villa is worth it he is the best striker in the world

SJP said...

villa is better than ibra, no-one knows if ibra can play in la liga. we dont have to spend massive transfers to et quality players, look at ronaldiho and etoo, less than half the price of ronaldo and more than twice as good.

this deal isn't that bad, for the 2nd best striker in the world (behind torres) 40mil is acceptable, as for the loan players going to valencia is the best we can get. behind us and madrid, and with villareal losing their coach, valencia are the strongest team in la liga, what better experience can they get?

TengkuAmir10 said...

villa is worth it.shane is true.lets just get him and bye2 eto.29.7 million isnt enuf.i say 36million plus 1m for every goal scored.36goals=36million.thats the least we could expect from eto's transfer fee. am i dumb n stupid or what????

TengkuAmir10 said...

n here we go!!

what a way to say it moustache man!! VISCA'L BARCA

Anonymous said...



Villa will be first presented, then bastos, and then cesc.


Shurik said...

Hello Barca Fans,i am glad to join you here
Last year we won the 3 trophies
This year we hope that we will win the 6,begining from the super cup against bilbao and ending by the champions league(don't forget the world club cup that we will win).
In my opinion,barca really need new players to get in.
To be honest,Barca really need at least 5 new players:
1-We need a left back after the depart of sylvinho.My dream is to get Maicon or Zhirkov.
2-We really need a strong center back especially after the long absence of Milito and after all the injuries that i'ts happening in our back line.
3-A defender medfielder is a necessity and in my opinion it has to be between fabregas,mascherano,pirlo or de rossi.
4-I really hope that barcelona will be able to sign a top left midfielder player.I can say ribery or arshavin or david silva and the last one is the future of spain.
5-Didn't you ever think my friends,that we have a lack in scoring goals by the head.I really hoped that we could sign Ibrahimovic,but i think it will be only a dream.Maybe we are not real madrid to bring a top player.Although that we think that the policy of real madrid is totally wrong by bringing names and big stars and by not depending on the youth division,but i also think that barca fans deserve that we buy a top player sometimes.Id david villa will come,the biggest mistake is to seel samuel eto,o.This year we will need more than 1 attac..this year it will be a difficult year and we have to defend all our trophies.
At the end,i hope that only Gujgohensen will leave this year and i still wonder why barca bought caceres if they didn't give him the chance to play and if they haven't been sure about his skills and abilities..the same case of caceres is about alexander hleb too.I also hope that they made the right choice when they bought Henrique and i wish he will be with us next year,and Keirisson too

barca4life said...

Sell etoo move caceres out and loan of keirrison. 3 players and 40 million gone to get 1 player in. A total of 70 million euros spent. And our squad gets smaller instead of bigger. Sigh

fcbee said...

Henrique could be back, b4l, so that's one extra addition. But what worries me indeed the most is that Guardiola asked for a BIGGER squad (and this doesn't mean promoting unexperienced B team players), while at this point there's one thing official: Sylvinho has not been renewed.

And if we have only 35 million budget (and will already spend 40 on Villa and 15 on Keirrison, which means a possible fee of Eto'o is already entirely gone too), you cannot see how on earth we will get a bigger squad. This is what worries me the most: our squad will be too small.

TengkuAmir10 said...

i agree barca4life.i mean we r playing 70 games n putting in 40million+2players =1 villa.shiat.sell eto to refinance the villa n there we spent 3players+10million euros=1 much as i like villa n i know he is coming but i think this transfer will come through.n in the end,valencia will have the last laugh.ok now, for other transfers.i think i want filipe or zhirkov n mascherano n mata(if not possible then i want villa) n henrique n 1 solid n really big Cdefender like...........MERTESACKER!!!

he will be damn good n if we cant get him this year then next year hell be too expensive .plus he is young too n very tall n muscular.very ideal

hawk_barca_4_life said...

tengu ... bruno alves is better and more solid than mertesacker
and for lw they r getting Fernandes Michel Bastos dont know if its true but he is good player scored 14 goals and made 11 assist last season
villa would be good but his price is little bit high but he is quality

barca4life said...

Let me just say, i'm not against villa since etoo's situation looks to be going downhill, however i do think we should have dealt with etoo's renewal at the same time we were dealing with valdes' renewal and offer him a renewal that was worthy of what he did for the club last season. Since it has not worked out that way, while i thought ibra would have been a better choice i'm not against villa.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous

Where did you get the info about Villa, Cesc, and Bastos? Who are these ''insiders''?

Anonymous said...

etoo has already got what he did,as third highest paid in the team,above xavi and iniesta.
and he and his representive's behavior this time is fucking insane!

TengkuAmir10 said...

how do u know about bastos hawk??n i dont really think we will even consider mertesacker since the board is too blind.anyways,i think we cn get mertesack for 25million rather than bruno who is not only 27 but also wif a 30million price tag.n mertesack is like 23 or 24.thats why.n baston is W H O??never heard of him n what league does he play in??(too lazy for wiki)

woo sah said...

we have to understand that this transfer season we will not be able to satisfy all of our desires/wants because 1. the board doesn't want to overspend and whether you agree with it or not..thats just how it is 2. stupid EE pretty much screwed everyone over...and thus we shuld specifically look towards our needs.
so...what are our needs??
CF, LB, AM (cover for xavi)

TengkuAmir10 said...

mertesacker for 13million.beter price than filipe luis or zhirkov n taller.the nice wall for freekicks taken against us.hes about 199 cm.6 7'.

TengkuAmir10 said...

@woo sah.we just overspend wif villa. n keirrison.but let me say this again.we have tons of money.its just laporta's plans.u know??to make people think we have small amounts so they would give us smaller fees(which is clearly not working).we have tons of money to spend trust me n dont worry about it.
n people know that after winning the tri we have a LOT i repeat a LOT of money.furthermore,we r debtless or so i think.last time,laporta announced anyway,our position is better than madrids position will ever be(financially).just we r lacking the amount of players n amount of world class players they have although i agree that xavi,iniesta,messi n alves is better than ronaldo,kaka,benzema n albiol. but what if one of the majors for barca gets injured like they usually do??the answer is u-know-what.the solution?? signing good players n train them to adapt quickly.

umessi10 said...

Sooooper !!
The hottest propery in Sapin is finally coming to Barca .
I dont care abt the price. Mark my words Villa will bleed goals ( as Xavi put it )

woo sah said...

i'm not saying we don't have ne money...i'm sure financially we're very sound.
but if the board chooses not to spend the dough...wat are we gonna do. not saying that i particularly agree with such a conservative transfer policy but it is what it is.
they did choose, however, to splurge a little on villa. yeaa...maybe they overspent but i dont see how they pull out now especially how deeply they've diggen themselves in this "villa pit" and like i said...i dont think we can count on eto'o next season.
i have to admit that i am a little biased because i, too, would love villa in our colors next season.

Shurik said...

reply on TengkuAmir10 :

Mertesacker is a central defender,while zhirkov is a left wing.If you want to talk about zhirkov,i recommend you to watch some of his games.He is one of the best left wing in the world.He is a very good defender and also the meidas in russia call him"ronaldinho of russia" because he has some exellent skills in attacking,that's why we need him to strenght the left offensive and deffensive side.

In addition,yes guys that's what i am talkinga bout,we should not loan so many players,and buy the pthers,i think we had only yo sell gudjohensen and jorjera,also sylviniho has gone how the squad will be bigger than if also we will not buy more perfect players too??!!

woo sah said...

also...forgot to add.
we can always speculate the "what if's" that may occur during the season.
yea...what if someone gets injured. but we can never know. and i don't think its a good idea to spend money on players that would come off the bench which is particularly why i'm against the masch deal.
what i'd rather see is our own youth products step up and prove their worth in the event of an injury...God forbid.

woo sah said...

spend ALOT of money*

Unknown said...

who is BASTOS and is he any good and is he a good option and to anony who are your insiders because I dont believe you as the I dont think fabregas will join and we wont buy someone who is never been linked with us before (BASTOS)

Anonymous said...

Stop whining about Ibrahimovic. Eto'o plus 40 million = 70 million. Villa = 40 million because we're going to sell Eto'o. The 30 million difference is why we're not bidding on Ibrahimovic. If you want to donate 30 million euros to club then we can bid on Ibrahimovic.

This is a huge offer for Villa. If they don't accept we need to move onto plan B, C, D, whatever other plan there is. There are about 15 days left before training starts and we need to make sure the core of our team is set, including who our #9 is. Eto'o needs to be sold and we need to buy a striker.

Dolce said...

It would be better to pay 50 million for Villa and keep Keirrison than offer 45 million plus Keirrison on a loan deal. Bojan is not good enough to be a back-up CF for Barca´s number one striker unless if Barca is happy with 2nd or 3rd place in the league

Shurik said...

The biggest mistake now is to sell Eto'o
I mean just look to the central forward of real madrid,until now they have van nistelroy and raul and higuin and huntelaar and benzema and who knows who also.
So do you find it's good to have only 1 striker which is villa or eto'o + bojan
I really know that we won 3 trophies this year
I really know that we are the bes team in the world
but...look what happened after we won the champions league and the ligua in 2006!!!!!!!!!!!

TengkuAmir10 said...

zhirkov maybe is one of the best but cmon, we dont need another alves.!our defense wont be as solid.that was why i chose mertesack n play him in centre while puyol could fill the lb or rb.get it??

barcaISbest said...

what about winter transfers...most of the trophies we will compete for will be decided after january...

i still think barca should be very active this best 3 stikers in the world (torres ibra villa) torres is not an option and it seems that ibra isnt either (unless 40mil+etoo will seal the deal) so we get villa and thats good. we def need left back...and left wing...i dont think bojan is ready to play in the big matches yet so we must sign another attacker (aguero? zhirkov???) we bring in henrique. sell guddy and probably hleb...get de rossi (i really like that guy). then maybe we can try something in the winter...


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