Thursday, 2 July 2009

Gudjohnsen still didn't make a decision on future

Asked about the situation of Barcelona attacker and Iceland international Eidur Gudjohnsen (30), the player's agent and father Arnor Gudjohnsen has said in an interview with British sports site Sport that the player is still thinking about his future:

"Well, there is nothing happening at the moment, it seems to be very quiet. Eidur is not in any rush and he plans to make his decision in two or three weeks.

To be honest everything is possible, he might stay in Spain or he could go to England, he has not made up his mind.
Concrete interest from Aston Villa, West Ham or Everton? No, not that I know of. I have only read it in the papers, and I don't know if any of those clubs have made contact with Barcelona."

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sashi said...

just get it done already!!!

skanjos said...

i agree why postpone the inevitable?guddy is 30 already and he wasnt any help last year why keep him .....better promote thiago to get more minutes.

raidall said...

we have only 20 days before the training starts for the pre season and we still didn't sign any player
this is because the barca staff are not so good in signing players or selling.

they don't know who to sell or to sign.
take a look at last season, i don't know why they kept guddy and signed hleb. none of them improvrd and now they are fighting for weeks for only one player(villa)

what about the lw or the cb or the dm or the gk, will this positions take that long to sign the players? or will they sign those players within 20 days?

some of you says that barca does not spend a lot of cash for players, how much did we spend for dani alves and was it a flop NO

and if they don't spend cash then why are they willing to give 40mil for villa?

for me it's better to sign zlatan he is the only player that will give everything to win atleast the champions league cuz he is hungry for it that's why he want to leave.

we missed ribery,benzema, i think we are gonna miss villa to if madrid gives valencia the 50mil or zlatan the 70mil.

if we don,t hurry up we will end up with only kerrison as a new signing.

and it is strange how less money we have to buy new players after winning the treble.
the only thing i want to say is why are we always fighting with clubs because of the money we must pay for a player. i don't want us to spend that money like madrid but if you want a worthy player you must pay the worthy price.


sashi said...

welcome to Spain Christie!!! defenders will kill you if tats the only way to stop u!!!!! remember Pepe?!?!? same team now but there are loads n loads of similar defenders in Spain! im gonna love watching him crib!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TengkuAmir10 said...

raidall,i dont think we have little money to spend.its just laporta,dont u get it????????????????if we say we have 100 million to spend then valencia will put villas price to 80million.dont u get it??if we say we have small amount then they will charge us smaller amounts dont care by 10million less or 20 million is hard to earn.

hope pep approves this

skanjos said...

man utd made a 45mil for villa acording to marca. dont quite believe the amount ,but i believe that they did make a bid,they have left only berbatov and rooney ,they need a striker and now that benzema is out of the race they go for either villa or aguero.

i hope they sign villa and we get aguero,but it seems the opposite will happen......go for kun dammit.

groga said...

Villa has already said he wants to stay in Spain... Chelsea would also have made a bid for him, but he's rejecting all the English offers.

lawrenzo loves barca said...

noooo,sell this guy to make way for two youth products who could do well in next season's copa del rey.

Furymaker said...


Abdest said...

-filipe 10m
-villa 40m
-keirrison 15m
-mascherano 25m

-gudjohnsen 5m
-eto'o 30m

total transfer:55m

end of transfer season
any objections ?

fcbee said...

The objection is we only have 35 million...

Abdest said...

we have way more than that believe me, they plan to spend that much but market inflated as you can see.

Anonymous said...

i hope he leaves

LeónDragón said...

hope that he leaves, godamnit. sorry but get sick of see him playing anymore for us. never involved into any actions, always there where the ball aren't and zero creativity, not to forget his not-existing-goal-scoring-skills and alibi-football.
it's a wonder how he managed to stay that long at barca, but hope we can load him off, to eliminate the chances for him to annoying me anymore with his fruitless performances.
have respect for his loyalty and character, but believe, no, i'm a 200% sure, that he never, ever was a plus for our squad.
if i had some millions more, you can bet, i would pay for him to leave, as he never fitted in at barca.
good guy by heart, but terrible as barcaplayer.
forgive me guys, but that's my opinion

Dude said...

Like I said b4... I believe Barca should offer Guddy to a MLS team... we can get a good price for him because those teams are looking for European players to sign strenghten their league... plus Guddy can be more valued and shine there

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