Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Barcelona preparing bid for Cesc

British tabloid The Daily Star claims that Barcelona is preparing a 40 million euro° offer for Arsenal midfielder and Spanish international Cesc Fàbregas (22).

Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola would like to sign Fabregas as soon as possible. The coach knows it will take a lot to convince Arsenal, but he is convinced that if the offer is big enough, Arsenal will be forced to listen.

A Spanish source is quoted by the tabloid as saying: "The club are convinced that Fabregas wants to play for Barcelona, despite what he has been saying about staying at Arsenal. It will all come down to money. Barcelona feel 35 million pounds would be enough to turn Arsenal's heads."

Madrid sports tabloid As nevertheless claims that Cesc already has a deal with former Barcelona vice-president Sandro Rosell, who will take part in next year's presidential elections. Because of that pre-agreement, attempts by Barcelona sports director Txiki Begiristain and Barcelona president Joan Laporta to try to sign Cesc have resulted unsuccesful. Catalan sports paper Sport also claims that Cesc is on the list of Rosell (read more here).

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pep said...

40 million euro =

58 million us dollar
35 million british pound

sashi said...

guys, pls dont say "yaa buy someone" just bcoz Madrid shit are buying ppl. lets not jump in to get some big name which is not gonna be of much use for the team.

ej said...

40 M for a bench player`??

inieeeeeeeeeeeesta said...

pff would look like a transfer out of panic, not of a much needed rational decision.
Barça needs to regenerate itself, although the press isn't correct.

It's impossible to suggest Fcb offered 40 for Masch and this for Cesc and 40 for villa.

Hope young talented players will come (yes like benzema) although keirrison is a slightly good guess

barca4life said...

Its the daily star so we cant be sure. AS says he has a deal with Rosell? So he would turn down the chance to come now so he can come later? that doesnt make too much sense to me, and what if rossel doesnt win?

ej said...

i would rather get onaldiho back than him ...
if etoo leave maybe r10 can comeback

he has allready killed the galactico once

Anonymous said...

You want to spend 40 million on 'young talented players'? Unproven players are not worth 40 million. If he cost 25 or 30, then fine. But when you get to 40m you're talking about one of the biggest transfers, last year the biggest transfer for Robinho was only ~40m, you're no longer talking about someone promising, he better be good.

Anonymous said...

I was referring to Benzema, not Cesc.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We already know Ribery isn't happening.

Anonymous said...

Are you guys stupid? Cesc is perfect for our passing team. We also underestimate his tackling qualities. He is a very hardworking midfielder who displays a good deal of maturity and calm play. Since when is he unproven? Look at all of his Arsenal games!!!

Anonymous said...

Why not? Kaka and Benzema also werent happening. If we make a good offer and Ribery will say that he wanna move to Barca he will come. And Cesc next year, we still have xavi and iniesta. The possision of Henry is more important

vascogalactico said...

I don't understand the "bench player" comments. Those comments are idiotic. We already know that the African Cup is next year and so Toure and Keita will be missed during their time away from the Camp. So Cesc is certainly a good buy, because after Keita, there is no depth on our bench for the midfield. Cesc has superb vision, marksman passing, and quality tackling skills.

Anonymous said...

I remember Bayern wanting some sort of ridiculous amount that Barcelona wouldn't touch, this just a few weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

Hey EJ..... no offense but r10 isnt a reality becuz of his injuries. He kills the galacticos once.. but that was a while back. Now they have new Galacticos but we have the same Killer? Not really a smart move..

trez said...

Couldn't we include Hleb? Although I have to say I don't see it happen. He has a contract until 2014, I think, so Arsenal has no pressure at all to let him go.

NouBarca said...

IF & only IF true...

Since he is a "cule" he is "Blaugrana" and from the academy, its is sane to pay that much. this board can never be worng.

He is on £80K/week atm tho..

Kxevin said...

Fabregas? Really? Don't think so.

Here's our problem this transfer season, in a nutshell: We're the best team in the world, stacked at every position. There is nowhere that an incoming player would have a hope of starting.

Let's look at our lineup:

Valdes (great for our style)
Alves (2nd best in world)
Piquenbauer (a keeper)
Puyol (still the captain)
Abidal (pace and range, great for us)
The Yaya (Essien? Not for our style.)
Xavi (best in the world)
Iniesta (2nd best in the world)
Messi (best on the planet)
Eto'o (Hello? Citeh? How much did you say?)
Henry (find another left winger that will give us 20 goals)

The only real needs that we have are injury replacements, and subs for Keita and The Yaya during African Cup of Nations (yes, I'm considering Eto'o gone, which might be premature).

This doesn't mean that we should stand pat, but we might be forced to by the market, and the intransigence of club presidents as they try to hold us hostage.

The Evil Empire just bought Benzema for 35M. There must be a reason Aulas let him go so cheaply. Not sure what it is. Why didn't we bid on him, and would he have come? Good question, but probably not with Eto'o as the incumbent, right?

And here we sit.

per said...

I'm not sure I want him to come back. Those comments about Real Madrid were a real knife in the back. Besides, we don't need him.

fcbee said...

I totally agree with Kxevin. The first eleven: Madrid is no match, even with their transfer so far. Although I don't think Henry will be able to repeat his past season...

But our bench is very weak, I think. Messi-Eto'o-Henry: who comes behind? What if Xavi falls out, Alves, Abidal? All very tricky. We defintely need to strenthen the bench in my opinion.

Apart form that: Cesc would be great for rotation. Xavi and Iniesta could have some game off. Iniesta could move to the left wing for some games.

HH said...

I am one of the people who do not think that Cesc's return would be a good idea. Yeah, Real have bought Kaka, Ronaldo and now Benzema. So what?

When Kaka with Milan faced Barca, who won? When Ronaldo with Man U faced Barca, who won? When Benzema with Lyon faced Barca who won?

Now Real put the three big guns together to try to defeat Barca. I still have a lot of faith in this Barca team and not worry about Real at all. When I heared they bought Benzema, i thought "LOL, let's see what they can do". I believe this generation of the Barca football team still have a lot to entertain us. And there are many talents are rising in the youth ranks.

Visca El Barca

HH said...

Of what I saw of Thiago Alcantara in the last games last season, I would rather start giving him playtime than get Cesc back from Arsenal. He still has contract with Arsenal to 2014. It'd be fine if he want to return in 2011 - 2012. But now is maybe not the right time.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see Aguero in Barca jersey. He can play on left wing and he can be sub for eto'o wile he is on national duty. And Kun is great friend of Messi. I think this would be great, because we already have the best freaken team on the planet:)
Barca fan since birth from Slovenia

Anonymous said...

David Villa will only consider leaving Valencia this summer for one destination - Barcelona.

Despite rival offers from Manchester United, Chelsea and Real Madrid, Villa has informed Valencia president Manuel Llorente of his decision. There has been no public statements from the club, nor representatives, out of respect to others - which has been on the insistence of Villa.

The striker is settled at the Mestalla and would be happy to stick to the new contract he signed last season. But he also knows Valencia's financial situation and is prepared to be sold - but only to Treble winners Barca, says Sport.

ograsrot said...

Why would any club pay 40M€ for their own youth product one should be asking?!

Paladin said...

By the way, Madrid has signed Benzema. Let them have him.

Anonymous said...

Benzema is going to Real Madrid.
Who are they not going to sign this year?

Anonymous said...

let cesc stay at arsenal or go wherever he so desires because there is absolutely no need for him at barca.
i'd much rather choose crosas over cesc.
not to mention thiago and dos santos in our cantera.

hawk_barca_4_life said...

who ever we buy but we really need to strengthen our bench ..last year we played 3 competion ..this year we r playing 6 cant see that we cant escape injury prob ...we all know te prob we faced last year due to inadequate bench our imp matches ..

and we truly need a sub for xavi
last year he had to play every game .. inesta is also injured ..henry has his age
so a left winger is also the need

3 imp signings needed

sub for xavi atleast who can be counted on not like hleb

a genunie left winger

back up for lb

striker only if etoo goes coz we already have keirrison

hawk_barca_4_life said...

case closed
moya to valencia
asenjo to atl mad

Anonymous said...

ograsrot. it doesn't matter, he's not at the club anymore.

if ibrahimovic left our club at 17 and now we could sign him for 40 million would you say no just because he was a youth product? no? then it doesn't matter for cesc. the only thing that matters is if he's worth a transfer or not, which is debatable. personally i think he is. 70 games for 2 midfield positions next year = 45 starts each if you have 3 guys rotating. iniesta and xavi usually play less than 45 games per year.

Anonymous said...

Cesc would be good signing and he can shoot from distance, but he is expensive and we cant sign him this year. If we get Mascherano, then Toure can play in Xavi/Iniesta position. We need to buy striker(if eto leaves), LW, LB and someone for midfield.

ograsrot said...


Point is if we buy back a player who was obviously talanted at the time we let him go for cheaps, he is going to steal a spot from another great talant in our youth ranks, and four years from now Barca will spend another 40M€ for a product of their own. You see the loop?

A player like Cesc should have a buy-back-clause is what I'm saying. Or come back as a free agent,

Manolo said...

Fabregas could turn to be a good signing!

IF we get him, we get a Winger!

Iniesta will get up in the front left position!

And if we get Villa it would look like this.

7 own players in a starting 11 is wonderful!

I will also be Xavi's successor in the comming years. And then when he has became that we will have Gai,Pedro and Jeffren as wings so we can move back Iniesta at midfield if needed

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