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Henrique: "I think I can become a starter"

Bayer Leverkusen central defender and Barcelona loan out Henrique (22) gave an interview to Catalan sports paper Sport.

translated by: al

Do you think you can compete with Puyol, Marquez, or Pique for a spot in the center?
Since I was in youth teams, I always worked hard to earn my place. This happened at every team I have played in. When I arrived, few knew who I was and I ended up being a starter because of my hard work and humility. I was always serious about my work. With respect to all the players, I think that I can end up being a starter at Barcelona as well.

Martín Cáceres didn't adapt. Do you think you have the profile necessary to play in such a high risk defence such as Barca's?
I think so. I've seen many of the team's matches, and with humility, I have to say that I see myself in the central position. I'm fast and one of my best characteristics is dribbling the ball all the way from the back. It's what I like best, because you create superiority from the back.

That is one of the characteristics that Guardiola values in a central defender...
I've always played like that, but at Bayer, the manager - Bruno Labbadia - wanted me to clear balls and play a long ball game. I prefer touching and dribbling the ball, and by doing that I got a slap on the wrist. I had to adapt to what I was told to do. I think that at Barca I can show my potential and my best football.

Is it true that versatility is one of your other strengths?
My natural position is the left side of the defense, even though I'm both right and left footed. This year at Bayer, I played in three of the four positions in the defense, I only didn't play in the left wing. It's interesting because when I played as a right back, they let me move up the flank to pass and help the attack with all the freedom I wanted.

What is something that stands out about the Barcelona defense?
It's true that all the praise goes to the attack, but we have a strong defense. There is experience, from players like Puyol and Marquez, and they are fast. It's hard to say what stands out. Barcelona was able to defend as a unit.

How did you experience this magical season?
Since I signed for Barca a year ago, I had always felt like a part of this winning project. I followed the team and many of its little details this season, up until they won everything. I became very happy with each victory. I did all my work in Germany thinking about Barca.

What characteristic of the team caught your attention?
The unity and the spirit of the group. Everybody that knows football knows that this team is very united and solidary and that they work well on the pitch. This is what allowed Barca to win every title. It's a compact team where everybody runs and can mark.

What did they say in Germany about the treble, or in Brazil, in this case?
It's a unanimous thought. Barca is the greatest team in the world. It's something that was made clear during the season and everybody has seen this in Brazil, Germany, and in the whole world.

And how do you keep on being motivated?
Motivation depends solely on the player. Whoever knows the taste of titles, wants to win more. Relaxation doesn't exist, and nobody should doubt that this team is hungry for more titles. To me, there is no doubt: I'll do everything to win.

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hawk_barca_4_life said...

he will make guardiola add him in his plans for the season during the preseason training

Harshawardhan said...

he seems good and eager.. should be a welcome addition!

ZenI said...

...and with humility I say - "we will see".
But seriously, I haven't seen to much of him in Bundesliga. And even if he performed well over there, our system is a lot more risky. He wont get the support from the back 4 and maybe 2 defensive minded CMs. Sometimes it will be him and VV... Could he adapt and play well for us? I sure hope so...

Nzuu said...

I want Henrique now. He will be a much needed player. He has an attitude i like, and i hope he adapts very welk to our play and all.

Tohar Investment Limited said...

u see,he was playing a differrent style to his own natural style of playing (dribbling the ball from his position at the back)(like barca's) and he is still performing very well for bayer.he is their fixed starter just for the first season in europe,dont u guys think of waht he will play for barca that really suit his style???????

peter said...

Sounds abfab!

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