Friday, 3 July 2009

Selling Eto'o proves to be difficult


Signing Eto'o was difficult...

But un-signing him is even a lot worse!!!

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Carrer de Corsega said...

You own it if you break it!

Unknown said...

true I am starting to lose respect for eto if he just leaves he will be respected but if he keeps turning down contracts a looking to stay

LeónDragón said...

nobody knows what's really going on behind the scenes, between etoo and the barcaboard, so it's not the right way to point fingers.
fact is, that etoo loves barca and everyone also knows about his stubbornness.
my opinion is, that etoo needs this pay-rise to feel more world-class and it's understandable that barca won't pay more, as they don't see him like he sees himself.
also it's a fact, that etoo has even one year left on his contract and maybe thinks after they wanted to offload him last year too, that he stays and get next year the money in his own pocket.
if barca want him to stay because they plan with him or just because of the money they'll lose, no one here knows.
etoo is a stubborn and like everybody knows him, he has a very big package of pride.
what not should be forgotten is, that both sides have to respect a contract, so it's surely not that easy to find out who's right or where the truth is, and don't think, that there would be a problem with him staying, as xavi also said, he would appreciate it, except the money, the root of all evil...
whatever happens, think, that all of us have to respect etoo for what he did for this club and stop to find the guilty ones, as it's not on us to judge about.
had often doubts too on him, and there are surely many, who were not always satisfied by him, but the titles and his statistic speaks for himself.
ONE LOVE!!!!!...and BARCA FOREVER, with or without etoo, til' i get a possibility to make decisions for barcas transfer-politics too

Anonymous said...

leondragon is right..,eto is best striker in the world and hi deserves a better sallary..visca barca!!!

LeónDragón said...

didn't wanted to say that etoo should be given a pay-rise.
just wanted to show my view, of what i think, it's going on.
think, it's not etoos fault, the problem might be his pride, that thinks to get more recognition in world-football, when he joins the other top-earners around the globe.
he maybe thinks, people don't accept him as world-class, if he gets not world-class-paid and believe that barcaboard have an other view of him, respect him, like him, want to keep him (or maybe not), but also don't want to play games like other teams, as chelsea or now madrid, which don't give any worth to the money, as barca wants surely also to save the harmony and leave any star-affections.
too bad, it seems that in this case, at the end both will lose.
if etoo loves barca enough, he will stay.
but again, don't believe that the problem is his loyalty, it's his pride and the recognition to which his character is depending on, by praises and maybe also a big wage.
and after last year, when barca wanted to offload him, they fed his stubborn even more.

TengkuAmir10 said...

go eto!!we dont need u.david villa will sure n i could feel it.however,i dont think fabre will come.silva n mata will not too.arshavin also.mascherano will come.filipe im not sure.keirrison is signed.

Anonymous said...

You're still hanging onto the notion that Eto'o 'loves' Barcelona. He doesn't. If he did then he wouldn't have come out to insult the club and call them liars. His agent is the liar. The Man City offer was real. Eto'o demanding compensation to leave is real. The only reason he hasn't left yet is because he wants to milk more money in terms of a severance package.

LeónDragón said...

think you wrong anony.
don't think that this thing is so easy to comment after he spent 5 years at barca

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