Friday, 3 July 2009

Loan of Bojan definitely excluded

Spanish news site El Confidencial claims that Barcelona forward and Spanish youth international Bojan Krkic (18) will not leave on loan in the summer (read more here).

Bojan would always have wanted to stay but not at any price and would have asked for more playing time, especially in the league.

Barcelona reportedly accepted to look at offers. Around twenty clubs would have asked for the Catalan player while Barcelona considered to incude him in bids for Valencia forward Villa or Atlético forward Forlán (read more here).

Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola would now nevertheless have convinced the player that he will get more chances next season if he keeps on making progress, which he can do best at Barcelona learning from more experienced top strikers. A source close to the talks would have confirmed that Bojan is now definitely not for loan this summer.

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Bojan will not leave on loan this summer


negelin said...

best news there is!
he could not be at a better place if he want to get better.

Flippy said...

PIQUE: That is one hot babe over there.

woo sah said...

if they aren't going to let bojan go on loan...why all this talk about mata and arshavin and other LWers.
i'm sorry but bojan will never be a true "9" his best chance will be to convert into a winger.

TengkuAmir10 said...

n here i will continue.

Bojan:4get about the girl n lets have a huge hug.
Pique:i admit bojan.
Pique:i love u.
Bojan:i love u too.lets get married!!

n the soap opera continues.

i hope bojan stays this season.he will be great for the team n we need backup

p.s.i dont mean to hurt other people who is u-kno-what.


woo sah said...

if they're not gonna let bojan go on loan then why all this talk about bringing in mata and arshavin and other LWers?
if they will pretty much render bojan obsolete.
just convert bojan to winger..understudy under both messi AND henry and we're set.
i'm sorry but bojan will never be a true "9"

barca4life said...

Like i said, where else can bojan learn from messi henry and maybe villa. There is no amount of playing at any club that can make up for that sort of "on the job training." He will get more minutes. David Villa is 27 Henry is 32. He will get more mins in the coming seasons. Hopefully gai will get bojan's mins from last season and bojan will get some of henry's and etoo's mins

ej said...

can anyone send me a link where the groundscandal Madrid City - RM explained in english ?

omg the word Verification in this post is "comedie" if i die you know why at least :)

thebackseatstrangler said...

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TengkuAmir10 said...

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TengkuAmir10 said...

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TengkuAmir10 said...

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thebackseatstrangler said...

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TengkuAmir10 said...

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