Friday, 3 July 2009

Mata is the main left wing target

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Valencia left wing attacker and Spanish international Juan Manuel Mata (21) is number one target of Barcelona to strengthen the left wing.

With Ribéry having ruled himself out, Malouda having renewed with Chelsea, Silva being not for sale and some people within the clubs having doubts on Robinho, Mata would now be the first option.

The Spanish player, whose contract with Valencia expires in 2013 and who has a buyout clause of 60 million euro°, is represented by his father Juan Manuel Mata, an official FIFA agents who is also the representative in Spain of Brazilian sports marketing agency Traffic, with whom Barcelona has good relationships after the transfer negotiations on Henrique and Keirrison.

Barcelona reportedly wants to move carefully for Mata because of the delicate relationship with Valencia after Barcelona officials met with Valencia forward David Villa earlier this week. The club would first wants to finalize the deal on Villa, and then try for Mata. *Catalan sports paper Sport confirms that Mata is an option for the left wing and that Barcelona could move for him, but claims that it's very unlikely that Valencia want to sell the Spaniard.*

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Watch a video of Mata here:


Anurag said...

mata = better than malouda, similar level as silva, could even get better than ribery.

but seriously, what i dont like about barca is their inability to convince a player to come and play for them.

Anonymous said...

A lot of top players want to play for Barcelona. More players have declared their admiration for Barcelona this transfer season than any other club.

Their teams just demand ridiculous amounts of money because it's Barcelona. Suddenly the valuation goes up when Barcelona is interested.

Alexxx666 said...

Another reason its hard to convince players is due to the fact they they know they won't be starters due to the talent already at Barca... If Barca signed Kaka, Ronaldo and even Benzema they would all be sitting on the bench for most of the season.

MiDO - Lebanon - said...

well i guess he could be a good sub but i cant understand why we're interested in him, i mean we have pedro jeffren and gai and i THINK they're better than him ...
and in anywayz i prefer Silva over him, having seen both of them in the Confederations cup last month.

Anonymous said...

we don't need him at all!
i agree with MIDO.
i prefer pedro gai jeffren rather than getting him.

Anonymous said...

Mata has been a La Liga starter for 2 years. Scored 11 goals last year. Pedro, Jeffren, Gai are nowhere near Mata. They couldn't even score 11 goals in Segunda B.

TengkuAmir10 said...

mata is a lot more better than pedro and jeffren put together mido

Loos said...

I haven't seen Gai, however I've seen both Pedro and Jeffren playing with the first team, and I have to say that Mata is better than both.

I would recommend signing him rather than Villa, as I don't see any added value for getting Villa: If Eto'o stays, then no need for Villa, and it does not make any sense to to get rid of Eto'o in order to get Villa! Renew for Eto'o then!

In my opinion, we need to get 4 players: CB, LB, DM and LW, in addition to the promoted players. Mata looks great for the LW. He has a good exposure, and he's still very young.
Barca go get Mata!

TengkuAmir10 said...

n los i think we need more than just 4.maybe two for every position since we will play 70 games next season.n there is also some major roles will be off.n what if theres n injury for iniesta or messi??who should we put in??gai,jeffren n co.(the inexperinced players)??we have to buy mata n we still need villa even if eto stay.bcos of ACN n laporta said it himself.but i see him more likely to go.n busquets is no better than mascherano.n until he has his tackles right then he will most likely get sent off n we r done for DM.keita,toure n busquets GONE.n we need backup for abidal since he cant play 70 games straight n backup for alves too.

skanjos said...

mata was amazing at confederation cup,he reminds me of iniesta .he is a great worker on the field and i think he is the best option for left wing,if we want fancy stuff we should go for robinho ,if we want a worker go for mata.

if we get him for >20mil i say its a great deal

Anonymous said...

there r many quality players awailable but the clubs just go on increasing there value and we do suck at negotiating
just get players like bruno alves , miguel veloso , sankhare they r quality and would be good back up

Unknown said...

Guys, as much as I'm frustrated at the board inability to secure players, I'm sure Pep and his staff are already planning for each match from now on according to the schedule with the players that we have. Remember too, other top teams will face the same problems that we'll have over the season.

What I think he'll do is try to find players who can fill in for each other and that means thru training and giving them pointers. He knows he can't expect he'll get every player for every position that he wants so I do have to keep my hopes high that he knows what he'll do comes the time.

I was more worried last season when Pep takes over and the lost of dinho and deco as that usually means a whole different way of playing but I was wrong except for the first two matches.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jordy said...

I like mata to. but we may not lose pedro, gai out of sight. If we have henry villa/eto'o bojan mata messi pedro, it seems to me we are covered. If it's really needed, also gai can be given a some play time.
I would only buy villa if you are certain eto'o leaves. just because of the finances. We don't need loans like this case I don't think we need hleb anymore. Probably it's better to sell eto'o,guddy, hleb.
Instead of buying we would better give sanchez, vazquez more chances. and use busquets as a fixed backup for yaya. We surely need a left back defdender.
so star striker (i prefer aguero)
left wing (mata or aguero in case eto'o stays,also bojan did fine those last games of previous season at the left)
maybe an all round midfielder(emana, hernanes)
in defence, when it's really needed you still have muniesa and botia. You all probbly say it's a big risk but did we have a backup for yaya this year? no we took a youngster who did great.

woo sah said...

i think if we just convert bojan to a left winger we'd be set...
i want villa more then ne other striker..sorry even more than aguero...because in a couple years keirrison will be ready to take over.
like i said before...eto'o cannot be counted on next season.

Xaviniesta said...

i doubt valencia will part with him esp if they let villa go. they can play him on both wings as well as center just behind striker, hes pretty versatile, but no way hes better than ribery.

Anonymous said...

did we sign keirrison

Anonymous said...

did we sign keirrison?

barca nike said...

not yet anonymous

TengkuAmir10 said...

all partiees have agreed wif d keirrison deal but the papers are not yet signed since he hasnt checked up for medical tests yet so until now i guess u can say that we HAVE sign him but its not official yet or its not REALLY done yet.

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