Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Quote of the day: Sala i Martin

To win back the fee paid for Kaká,
you need to sell 6,7 million shirts.

Xavier Sala i Martín, Barcelona board member


Anonymous said...

More if you include salaries.

NouBarca said...

so can you see the Barca board also talk about MAD-rid signings? Thats for those blaming B$L for talking about MAD-rid

blaugrana1 said...

man barca boards need to shut the f up! they talk tooooooo much about madrid!!! madrid this madrid that! Forget it Xavier Martin u think madrid care about making a loss this year they just wana win sme trophies. And if the barca "board" r planning on winning nethin this season or competing with madrid ,,,,THEY better stop talkin abt madrdids spending and worry about singing new players ! Madrid just bought benzema and us what?!?!

I am a hardcore barca fan! but cmon! they they our board is talking abt how unbelievalble the amt of money madrid spends it seems to me like they r jealous! GOO SIGN PLAYERS For gods sake we r the reble winners!

Anonymous said...

blaugrana1 >>

If you could convince Barcelona's local authority to buy Camp Nou for 1 billion Euro and sell back to Barca for 1 million Euro, please join the board and try out your strategies :D

barca4life said...

He should be worrying about where he is going to get funds for the 8 players that we need this season since it appears etoo guddy hleb caceres and sylvinho are leaving and pep said he needed more players this year. even if Henrique comes back that makes 7 and thiago promoted makes 6

lolon said...

Dear Pep,
whay is the source of this quote?
it's quite important for me, because one of jurnalist of Sport, wrote that club got only 4 euro from shirt. sala martin says 10 and some real madrid fans say that it's much more

lolon said...

ok, I see it now :P
it's from Sport

per said...


We still have a better team than Madrid.

Anonymous said...

a shirt doesnt cost 10 euros >_>

Flippy said...

anonymouse, yeah, but the money paid for the shirt goes firstly to the seller, then goes to the manufacturer, and then the club. Usually the club get's about 10 euros of the 80 sold.

Xaviniesta said...

@anon: the shirts are made by adidas (nike for barca) riight so the clubs only get a share of that, in this case accrdg to sala y martin's calculations its 10 euro, plus i think the manufacturer also pays a lump sum to the club for the right to make the shirts. nways why i wanna know is how many shirts does madrid actually sell in a yr cos i heard the numbers arent so hot.

Xaviniesta said...

*what..not why.

Anonymous said...

A team would be lucky to get 10 euros per shirt.

Retailers, Wholesalers, Manufacturers, Transporters, Advertisers, Player image rights. Don't forget piracy. They make these shirts in SE Asian countries for low manufacturing costs and often there will be a local factory will use the stolen designs and patches and make counterfeits. The club gets 0 when a fake shirt is sold. In fact, it costs the club money because it takes away a 'real' sale.

barca4life said...

Man what a depressing day. Felipe was supposed to sign monday and Keirrison tuesday, instead madrid sign another good player and we are fighting an all out war with etoo.

Harshawardhan said...

i agree.. what a depressing day.. where have all those players who wanted to play for barca gone to?
madrid knew we dot overspend on ANY player so they strategically overbid for everyone they bought and dsturbed the fucking transfer market. many clubs hadnt seen this coming. also i wonder how the fuck madrids put up so much money. and how does florentino convince players and agents. does he give them free blowjobs or what? "hey u make your player join RM and i'll suck u off.." haha..
i am not afraid of madrid just irritated at the current status of barca's transfer season. aprt from renewing toure and valdes which was good, we havent had a single signing not even a mediocre one.. i just hope we do manage to buy some players by the ndof this summer as we do have 70 plus games next season an we cant play too many of them witour unproven atletic players plus there is the AFC so basically atleast 3-4 quality signings are a must!
let us all pray we get good players and dont make panicky bids for players we dont even require.
visca barca!

skanjos said...

so madrid get benzema for 32million pounds and we cant get villa with 35+ 2 players on loan.......

come on board.get kun/kierrison/masherano/lahm and sell hleb/guddy and we are set to go.....

SJP said...

jesus! we've just won the treble and suddenly the board is crap! who got us those players to win the treble? who got us the players to win the double in 2006?

fuck madrid they can do what they want, they know that the best players in the world play for us, messi, xavi, iniesta, alves, henry,
i dont give a fuck about ronaldo, kaka and benzema, if they have to spend a 1/4 of a billion euros to try and compete then i think that shows how strong we are. this board is the best in our history and still people slag them off because we dont copy madrid, we dont need star names, we need a few back up players for the best squad in spanish history. as for etoo's agent city have today confirmed that they have made offers for him so the board weren't lying. i love etoo but he can get away with what he has done, hopefully he'll do the honourable thing and leave this summer. support your TEAM inc board.

barca4life said...

Overconfidence is a very bad thing. Just because we won the treble last year doesnt mean we can slack off and not take madrid seriously.

After 33 games they were 4 points behind us for all the talk of them being terrible, they won 17 of 18 games at one stage last season and drew the other.

Nobody is bashing the board, but what are we doing? All the major teams in europe have made signings except chelsea and barcelona. What are we doing? Madrid have made 4 huge signings. they have strengthend their defence and plan to sign another defender and a defensive midfielder.

Meanwhile we sit back and criticize how much they are spending and say everybody is too expensive and fight with the fourth best striker in our history

barca4life said...

We keep talking about 6-2 but last year madrid were talking about 4-1 and made ronaldo their sole target while deciding that all their squad needed was minor adjustments. Dont get too overconfident. Never feel we have some divine right to win, Just a few years ago we saw what happened after the ronaldinho led team won the champions league. The spine of the team that suffered directly after winning the champions league is the same valdes puyol marquez iniesta xavi messi etoo were all part of the team that struggled to win anything in the year after we won the double

Xaviniesta said...

umm, is not panicking the same as being overconfident or being complacent? i dont think so. its not like anything we say or do here will influence events out on the forefront lol.

also, @"barca4life": may i know what you think about david villa? would you like him to join barcelona or stay in valencia?

just curious :)

Anonymous said...

Meeeeen,i am scared!!!I dont want anybody to tell me to cool down becos its not possible.Only a blind fool(barca fan) will not see that barca is gonna suffer soon.Why?:

1, RM bought 4 great ,young, proven player(Benzema at a resonable price).All signed for 6 years.

2.Everyone wanna go to RM becos of a great sporting project and zindane is working out of sight catching d stars even want Ribery.

3.Barca team is not that attractive again to say d truth.

We can try to pretend,but i assure u that barca board are scared that is why they talk too much about RM recently instead 4 them to work.

I am sad to say,if RM will not win anything this coming season,soon 1 season will come that they will win everything becos it will take time 4 all d stars to gel together.



Meeeen,am damn worried!!!!!


Anonymous said...

madrid has signed the last 2 world players of the year,benzema and we cant sign keirrison.come on.everybody is talking about madrid it is disrespectful to us because we won the treble.give eto plus 10 million to city and get robinho.keep keirisson and bojan.give valencia 20 mil and hleb for villa which adds up to 57 mil cuz hleb costed 27.

Engineer said...

I hear Ribéry has turned down Bayern Munich's contract renewal offer..

Wonder if Madrid are going to jump on that too? :)

Anurag said...

@anony - 20+27=47, not 57, genius.

i guess at the rate which we are signing players, we might have to consider a few competitions next year irrelevant and play only reserves for them. that sucks

woo sah said...

i truly believe that we only have to focus on two areas to reinforce which would be LB and CF.
for the rest of the positions i have great faith in our cantera.

Unknown said...

Maybe the board can offer Villa (when we get him) and Xavi on loan plus 35mil for Ribery.

That's one big signing and that'll cool things down ..........or not.

Thruth is as much as I'm frustrated with what's happening, I can't influence anything that's beyond me. I'll just have to accept it and hope for the best next season.

Maybe "insiderknowkedge" can enlighten us on what's really happening.

barca4life said...

I didnt want villa at first xaviniesta, but with the way etoo is acting i'll take him. I'd much rather we put our 70 million into signing zlatan who can give our attack a different dimention but if the board feel villa is the way to go, i'm ok with that.

Xaviniesta said...

thanks for clearing that up. but 70mil for one player lol no way not even zlatan. we can get the 2 llorentes plus a decent LB under fair mkt prices for that sum maybe with same results for us lol.

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