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[2008] Crosas can leave this summer

this post was published exactly one year ago:

Asked about the situation of Barcelona midfielder Marc Crosas (20), who played on loan at Olympique Lyon during the first half of this year, Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola has said at a press conference today that he doesn't count on the player for next season:

"I have talked to him and informed him about my decision. We will try to find another club for him, so he can keep on playing somewhere else. If that's not possible, he will do the pre-season with us and will be a member of the squad."

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one year ago, readers said...

Anonymous said...

please pep can you explain how does the vote of no confidence work, who will vote, what will happen if laporta loses etc... please please please!

Thanx very much!!!


Anonymous said...

quote Guardiola, "We will try to find another club for him, so he can keep on playing somewhere else." Does this mean that he may not go back to Lyon on loan or as a permanent transfer? I think it's quite sad really the way it appears that Crosas has been treated. I never got the sense that he was ever given a fair chance to succeed at the club. I just think Barcelona could have handled his situation better, with a little more class.

pep said...

Here we go, KAYR.

- if a socio (a barcelona supporter who pays a yearly fee) is not happy with how things go in the club, he can start the process to expell the current board through a vote of no confidence. this time the process was started by Oriol Giralt, a lawyer.

- first you have to collect a certain number of signatures of socio's (so that not everyone can organize votes the whole time), the limit was was 6 000 and some. Giralt collected over 9 000 votes.

- if you have those signatures and they are validated, then a vote of no confidence will be organized. this is what's going to happen on Sunday (July 6th)

- if at least 10 per cent of the socio's are going to vote on Sunday (which will almost certainly be the case, barcelona has at this moment around 155 000 socio's) and two thirds of the voters vote in favour of the vote of no confidence (so against the Laporta board), then this current board has to resign

- an interim board will then be installed who has to organize elections in the next three months

Anonymous said...

pep coached victor Vazquez, rueda etc... so maybe they re better than crosas.

Thanx pep but can you explain:

- if at least 10 per cent of the socio`s are going to vote on Sunday (which will almost certainly be the case, barcelona has at this moment around 155000 socio's)

Anonymous said...

Thanx pep youre the best!!!!!!!


pep said...

10 per cent going to vote means that - if we take for example that Barcelona has 155 000 socio's - at least 15 500 (ten per cent of 155 000) socio's should go to vote at the stadium on Sunday. This will probably be the case.

from those voters, two thirds have to vote against Laporta for the current board to be rejected.

For example:

1. there are 20 000 socio's going to vote: that's over 10 per cent of the socio's so the first condition is met.

2. if from those 20 000 you have 14 000 people who vote against Laporta: then the board is out cause that's more than two thirds of the 20 000 voters

but if for example 12 000 people vote against Laporta and only 8 000 in favour of him: the current board can still go on (cause 12 000 is less than two thirds of 20 000)

Xaviniesta said...

pep, how tenable would it for us to recall him now. we need a CM right? would be cheaper if we buy him back instead of paying mint for fabregas. and also, has he played as DMF?

pep said...

The agreement with Celtic says we can buy him back in 2010 for 2 million euro. I don't know if that includes we also can get him back this summer but there's no news at all on it, so it seems very unlikely they're thinking about that option.

He has grown up as DM, like Xavi and Iniesta, but in our current system that position has changed from playmaker to the Touré type of player, so he would be more suited to play higher on the pitch.

Xaviniesta said...

yeah i read about the 2 yr thing, just thought what if we can cut a deal that shortens it, even if we pay a penalty i reckon that would be still be less cash out than if we buy someone else. anyway, i'm sure its an option should we need it later.


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