Saturday, 4 July 2009

The Season of FC Barcelona

by Steven Bauer for

(Translated by LeónDragón)

The season for FC Barcelona couldn't had been better. The team from the Catalan metropolis won not only the Spanish Championship, but also the Champions League and
the Copa del Rey. Many speak of the best Barcelona team of all times, so it's no wonder that the players deserve excellent grades.

Goal - Grade: Good
Victor Valdés had a very good season, but couldn't manage to become the undiscussed man between the posts. No matter how many nice saves will stay in people's memory, the mistakes will also be unforgotten since they can change a game too. Even if he ain't got the class of an Iker Casillas or Gianluigi Buffon, Guardiola has faith in him and will hold on to him. He will stay as his number one for the next season.

Defence - Grade: Very Good
The defence of Barcelona was in the past not always the best, so much the more it's
important to emphasize the defensive performance of the last season. Despite the
offensive style of play, Barca had many games with a clean sheet and was with 35 goals against them the best defensive team of La Liga. Also in the Champions League, the defence proved his worth. Only Abidal is believed to be a weak point.

Midfield - Grade: Very Good
No need for much words about the midfield. Touré Yaya, Xavi, Andrés Iniesta: the best midfield worldwide. Especially the accuracy, precision and overview of the midfield-actors were a reason for the success of the Catalans last season. Xavi as well as Iniesta are considered to be unsellable, as they don't even think about leaving the club.

Forward - Grade: Very Good
105 goals in 38 League-games are an incredible achievement, but when you take a look
at the strikers, is all becomes clear. Samuel Eto'o, Thierry Henry and Lionel Messi have the skills to make every defence feel giddy. Eto'o, one of the most successful strikers in Europe, Henry, who found back his old form and no need to say a lot about Messi. Only the eye for the goal needed a little improvement in some games.

Coach & Management - Grade: Very Good
Summer 2008, after two bad seasons under Rijkaard, followed a rebuilding phase. Stars were sold, others bought and Pep Guardiola was appointed as the new head coach. He formed a strong squad of a young team, that played with passion again and
without star-affections. One year before, he coached Barca's B-Team and reached now the top of world's football.

Season - Grade: Very Good
There's no better time for a Barca-Fan or Player. They are the first spanish team that won the treble. They have the best player of the world and maybe the second-and-third-best player too in their squad. They have the best youth-system and the team plays a football which is far ahead of that of other teams.


Flippy said...

Abidal is not considered to be the weakest point of our defense. He just gets a lot of criticism, because he doesn't attack like Alves. In face in DEFENSE, Alves is considered our weakest point. Abidal is one of the best defender we had this season, in terms of defending, only Piqué and Puyol are higher than him. Marquez is on par with Abidal, but defensively Alves is our weakest point and he's still good.

Lawrenzo loves Barca said...

This was last seasons performance, great indeed but no one will remember it if we fail this time. Let's now think of reinforcement Txiki are u dead or asleep? and it's about time we capture villa and get the LBs as well as the LW.Pep pls with all honesty do u believe we can get villa i'm too nervous of late. The next person i love after my God and my wife is this club. What about the supposed deal for etoo and robinho.pls inform me.

fcbee said...

"no one will remember it if we fail this time"

huh? this will always be remembered. in 100 years they will still talk about it.

Marc4barca said...

fcbee is right if we fail next season the treble season will never be forgotten, people still talk about manchester united treble winning season. i think most people really are to nervous or i am to arrogant cause we ain't losing shit next season, we'll also trounce real 4-1 at the bernabau in the league and chelsea 2-0 in the cl final and villareal 3-1 in the copa final. first back to back treble.

Anonymous said...

Valdes is considered our weak point.

Ono said...

We have no weak points. Our 'weak' point is as strong as other teams strong points.
As Busquets said, we are the team to beat next season. Who cares about Madrid and their money whores? This is the team that won the first Spanish treble, this is the team that broke all that records last season. Most of you seem to forget that.

Anurag said...

madrid are reportedly buying 2 more players and selling 10 more. with that sort of roster, how will they compete? even if they have big stars, we have bigger ones :

messi>>crissy ron
iniesta = kaka (maybe better)
xavi >> anyone you care to think of
puyol, pique > garay, pepe
villa (im assuming he is ours now) > benzema

what more do we need?

Anonymous said...

we need a goal keeper. Sure, we have Valdes, who just renewed which I don't get. Barca should buy a new goali, Valdes isn't good enough imo. Sure, he's had some good saves but also alot of wtf moments like in the derby against Espanyol when he passed the ball to De LA Penja, who then scored.
And the only reason we've conceded so few goals is because of the great defence. As soon as we loose the ball, everyone tries to get it back. Valdes isn't the reasson we let in so few goals.
And I also consider Abidal the weak point in the defense. He was good the first half of the seasson, but after he came back from his injury he's been crap imo.
Sylviniho did better than Abidal when he got playtime. We need a new good LB, not a substitute but a starter.
And a LW, that's it, we can play Henry as CF if/when Eto'o leaves. Don't need a DM, we have Toure and Bousqeuts to cover him when he's off to the African Cup.
We should keep Guddy since he knows how Barca play and can jump in when Xavi or Iniesta need some rest.

BARCA/FAN said...

i agree abidal is hard to watch some there any truth in the roumer that barca are makin a bid of 55m plus 2 loan players for matta and villa?i would love those 2 at barca

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