Saturday, 4 July 2009

Arshavin possible left wing top target

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Arsenal attacker and Russian international Andrei Arshavin (27) is becoming an option for the left wing, with Barcelona seeing the Russian as an alternative for Bayern player Ribéry.

Guardiola had last summer already given his permission to sign Arshavin and wouldn't object the transfer. Barcelona would think that a transfer of Arshavin could have a bigger media impact than for example the signing of Valencia player Mata.

Arshavin, who last summer was very close to joining Barcelona (read more here), wouldn't feel comfortable in Arsenal, also because of tax problems, and wants to join Barcelona.

Arshavin is nevertheless a key player for Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger and the English Premier League club would certainly ask for more than the 15 million euro° transfer fee they paid in January. Like in the case of Valencia player Villa, Barcelona would count on the player to put pressure on his club.

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pep said...

15 million euro =

21 million us dollar
13 million british pound

MiDO - Lebanon said...

finally im the 1st one to comment !! haha LOL
Arsahvin could be good and might succeed
but mata would be better
1st because he's young
second he's like iniesta
3d he's a hard worker

Anurag said...

pleease for gods sake, SIGN HIM!!

MiDO - Beirut,Lebanon said...

he could be good and might succeed
but mata would do better at barca for several reasons :
1- he's spanish so i guess he'd adapt faster
2- he knows most of the players from the National Side
3- his style is like iniesta's but left footed
4- he's a very hard worker.

BA said...

would have been a great buy last summer, as some of us noted. but i highly doubt Arsenal are going to let him go after one half-season in which he was quite influential. he certainly loves Barca, as he made clear last summer, and our lack of reciprocation was unfortunate. he'd still be a great option, but i just don't see it happening.

umessi10 said...

First....let Villa sign for us then we'll talk abt the LW.

Arshavin is a great option infact the next best option to Ribery.
And rightly said it ll have a bigger media impact.
But all this is only speculation and to be honest i m waiting for results.

pep said...

Kind of breaking news:
former Valencia president Soriano, who was replaced by Llorente two weeks ago, comes back to power after he bought some shares and has now again 51%.

Let's see what an influence that will have on their positioning on Villa and others. Although Soriano was the one who kept Villa and Silva at the club last summer, so maybe not much will change. Wait and see.

Unknown said...

I dont care who barca get as I now it will be the right choice I believe in barca's board

fcbee said...

I think we need Arshavin more than Villa. Just offer Eto'o a good deal and get Arsahvin for 25 million. Cheapest and best option since we really need to strengthen the left wing.

Left wing: Henry-Arshavin-Iniesta

Centre: Eto'o-Henry-Bojan

Right wing: Messi-Arshavin-Hleb-Iniesta

Soha_TZ said...

Pep, I read about that also, and to be honest I'm slightly worried because now Villa is a must and Soriano could be a problem. As for Arshavin I would like him at Barca for sure. One thing that really gets on my nerves lately is that talk such as, he is young, this one is younger, etc... Guys quality of the player is the most important thing, not years. What do you want barca to become??? losers team like Arsenal????

Guys, it's obvious that barca secured few players for next season, but they are waiting for some great signing, like Villa, to be presented first, so that fans cool down, because maybe those players are not that famous, and fans could get angry comparing to madrid signings. For example, look at Keirrison, look at this comparation of Arshavin and Mata in this article. That's my opinion

NouBarca said...

Can he play for 3 clubs in a year?

groga said...

Can't see the problem. You probably shouldn't count in "years" but in "seasons".

barca4life said...

Valencia arent gonna sell Silva Villa and Mata all in 1 summer. If we buy arshavin we are going to have to pay maybe 30 million euros to wenger which wont make sense. its just like mascherano will cost maybe 40-50 million euros because liverpool do not want to sell at all.

I dont think that we have signed anybody for the simple fact that the fans are more restless with no signings at all than they were last year when keita and caceres arrived. I saw comments on EMD stating that all we here is talk and no action. That is not a good image for the board to have. We are going to be panic buying i feel. I highly doubt we will get mata or arshavin and even villa looks to be getting more and more difficult with valencia claiming that we havent even made a bid before a day or so ago.

Soha_TZ said...

From what I read it looks like that our waiting for discount at transfer market was mistake. If all this about soriano and investores proves to be true, than we could be end up with K9 and Bojan :)))))) I really hope that we solve our signings soon, so pep could prepare team for the new season, because I believe we could still improve when lifting trophies:))))

Anonymous said...

What's up with that rumor linking Michel Bastos with us??? He seems to have a excellent pace, strong left foot and a wicked free-kick...Would surely be a nice addition IMHO

Anonymous said...

Mata might not be a very good idea... didn't seem any good in the recent confed. cup, not effective against buses and isn't he of the same age as El Kun? Every body was like against recruiting El Kun because he might hinder Bojan's and Assulin's growth if I remember right.
Anyway Bastos is lloking to be just what we need right now. 26 years old...would be in his prime form taking his age into account and 2 years down the line won't be much of a problem to give Bojan or Gai more number of chances.
P.S. Some one was saying Mata is like left-footed Iniesta...I mean were u sooooo wasted last time u saw him play!?!

Anonymous said...

Guys it takes time to get a player its like you just want this player and there you go you get him. you need to go thorugh negotiations and transactions and deals and stuff yeah sure i want to see a signing this summer but only time will tell dont worry only becuase madrid are wasting there money like crazy heck its good for us knowing they are scared and strenthing there team just be patient and wait. We will get a player and hope its a good one.

TengkuAmir10 said...

is that torres??or arshavin??

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