Monday, 23 February 2009

The Points: Espanyol

Valdés 3__5,5__5__4__6__5

Alves 5__6,5__6__5,5__8__5
Piqué 5__6__6__5__6__5,5
Márquez 5__6,5__6__5__4__5,5
Abidal 5__5,5__7__*__*__7

Xavi 5__6__6__4,5__3__5,5
Touré 6__7__7,5__6,25__4__6
Keita 6__5,5__6__3__2__4,5

Messi 5__5__6,5__5,75__4__7
Eto'o 5__8__6,5__5,5__2__5,5
Henry 5__7__6__4__2__5

Puyol 7__*__6__*__4__5
Busquets 5__5,5__6__*__3__5,5
Gudjohnsen 4__*__6__*__4__5,5


If you know other papers or sites that give points, you can let me know. See previous points here.


Knives Out said...

Offside gave a 6 to Valdes and 2 each to Henry and Eto'o. Amazing. So much for credibility!

Anonymous said...

wtf? kieta got red carded, yes thats bad, but it was a terrible call and for my money valdes played worse

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