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[2008] Mourinho waiting for Barcelona

this post was published one year ago:

French football magazine France Football claims that former Chelsea manager José Mourinho (45) has recently rejected an impressive long term offer from French champion Olympique Lyon because he would prefer to join Barcelona. Bernard Lacombe, the adviser of Lyon president Jean-Michel Aulas, confirms the talks but says they did not go very far.

Besides reporting on the January meeting in which Mourinho and Barcelona would have principally agreed on a future collaboration (read more here and here), the French magazine claims a number of possible summer signings were then discussed, including Bayern Munich full back Philipp Lahm (24), Sevilla right back Daniel Alves (24), Inter right back Maicon (26), Sevilla midfielder Seydou Keita (26), Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard (29), Dinamo Zagreb midfielder Luka Modric (22), Lyon forward Karim Benzema (21) and Chelsea forward Didier Drogba (29). If Eto’o stays, Drogba will not come. And Ronaldinho could well leave.

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Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Out of the list, I'd only choose Alves, Modric and Benzema.

What do you guys think?

pep said...

Personally I think we need a right back (certainly if Zambrotta leaves), a left winger (not on that list) and a midfielder who can come in the box.

At right back I think Maicon is what we are most looking for: stong in defence and good in attack. Alves is the best in attacking, but sometimes a little too relaxed in defence. Nevertheless, I think Lahm has the best options to join us, since he seems to be on his way out (no renewal, contract with Bayern until 2009) and could come for a decent prize.

Don't know much about Modric, but compared to Lampard he certainly has the age advantage. Modric' disadvantage will be the transer price. I nevertheless think Deco should leave before one of those two will join.

Your list is quite expensive I have to say. With the three players from your list we would probably spend over 100 million euro, which is not likely (unless we sell a big one...). We'll see what happens, seems it will be a nice transfer summer with probably some surprises.

hamad said...

If Gudjohnson, Zambrotta, Edmilson, Ezquero and Thuram leave ( the first two should be sold and the last three's contarcts are up and shouldn't be renewed.)
Barca should sign 3 players Dani Alves is the number one target next comes Seydou Keita and Finally Eziquiel Garay also Barca should extend Sylivinho's contract he's a solid back up that has an unparalleled understanding with Ronaldinho and bring back Marc Corsas and promote a young striker to take over Ezquero's role warming the bench. This will give Barca the depth they need and cover all positions where Barca are lacking also it shouldn't cost that much granted Alves will cost a pretty penny but he's worth it he's proven in La Liga and him along with Messi will create the deadliest right flank in football to day. That's my two cents please let me know what you think.

pep said...

I'm not sure Gudjohnsen will leave, he's not on many "out" lists at the moment. But I think he could be transfered for a good price, so if he wants himself (maybe he likes the catalan weather too much), he might be out (probably back to England then).

I agree, hamad, we should give Sylvinho a renewal (two years). On and off the pitch his behaviour is excellent, a real example.

We'll see what will happen with Crosas. I think I'd like to see him come back, although he's very similar to Xavi and therefore maybe won't play enough to develop well.

Don't know if there's a young striker coming actually (well, Bojan and Giovani are young, but guess you don't refer to them), and it should be a winger anyhow cause to play up front we ahve enough with Eto'o, henry and bojan. There's a guy called Jeffrén, but don't know if he can make it.

I think we'll get Garay in the end, if his agents become a little reasonable.

Keita is a new name appearing now, gotta look some more at him but I don't think he's what we are looking for (we look for a midfield guy who can score).

Alvés-Messi would be incredible, like I said before. My only worry is the price. If Chelsea goes for him another time (and I guess they might), it will be difficult. I don't think we'll spend 40 million for a right back.

This weekend I'll post an analysis that El Mundo Deportivo published last week about who could leave and who could arrive, check it.
29 February, 2008

hamad said...

Pep thanks for your reply and I agree with you on most of your points. Regarding Keita he is exactly what you are referring to he's a midfielder who can score. If you recall Sevilla's match with Madrid he scored a scorcher from way out(the opener if I recall correctly) and left Iker helpless even to make an attempt at saving it he also scored a great goal against arsenal in the return leg of the CL group stages

hamad said...

Pep I look forward to your post about El Mundo's analysis on Barca's transfer situation it feels great to chat with someone who is obsessed with Barca almost as much as I am Cheers

Anonymous said...

i love barca! please keep me posted!

kamikaze kontiki said...

Great prediction Hamad, about Keita and the Messi-Alves combination. Pity the Garay option didn't work out. I m sure he would have done better than Caceres. Also its a good thing we didn't get Mourinho, think we would have totally changed the Barca style and with his sort of media relations he would have been difficult to keep in check.

Glad you started this Pep, its really interesting reading the posts from a year back.

H said...

there will be more predictions from me this summer kamikazi , right after i look into my crystal ball :D.

for now i predict FRANK RIBERY :D

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