Sunday, 22 February 2009

Eto'o wants to stay at Barcelona

Asked about his declarations to a French paper that caused some uncertainty about his future (read more here), Barcelona forward and Cameroon international Samuel Eto'o (27) has said to journalists that he wants to stay at Barcelona:

"With all respect, but the only ones who have tried to stir things up are you, the press. We all know what will happen tomorrow. You're talking as if my contract expires in June but I still have a contract until 2010.

For a lot of people, I was the bad guy and they tried to hurt me. From now on, I hope that you only talk about what we do on the pitch. All this wasn't necessary. The day I gave Pep my word, that wasn’t only for this season but I gave him my support until the end. I'm feeling good here, I'm happy and I have a good relationship with the team-mates. I want to continue and I think that Barça wants the same at this moment."

In an interview French newspaper Le Parisien, Eto'o has also expressed his wish to continue at the club: "I've just said that I knew what I wanted to do. Which is normal, I have to think about my future! But I didn't tell them what I wanted. I can say it to you now: I'm fine at Barça and I want to stay here. So if they want me to continue, they'll make me an offer later. But this isn't the moment yet."

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barca nike said...

i fell like renewing eto and valdes's contract will take alot of time becuase they want a high pay rise.

Anonymous said...

after the yesterday's nightmare, i'd like to let Valdes go four side from our club, he'll never become a first class keeper that we need, try to snatch Akinfeev..Visca el Barca

Anonymous said...

We should let eto go an get villa who is better cause eto doesnt do shit an besides villa can play as a striker left wing an right wing an eto an henry are trying when they switch but they suck so get villa and ribery or van persie but4sure get villa

Anonymous said...

To Noder

And what do u know about Akinfeev, have u bought him on Football Manager or something like that maybe?

Give V.V a break, we could blame Eto'o for his shitty game and the rest of the team, and we can blame Toure for lost his marker och the first goal.

Etsp said...

Marco, if that's the case, we could just go to the data editor, add 100m €, and buy Buffon... Now THAT'S a good transfer.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and add Villa also!

I cant understand some of u people!

He made his fist error for the season and now u want him off the team?

Look how many times the other players make mistakes. V.V has saved us at many times this season. im thinking bout el clasico especially.

Anonymous said...

Valdes is getting better every year. His errors have decreased a lot. And he also saved our asses in important matches this season. So the fans need to give him more support, not start bashing when he makes his first error in a long time. Every good goalkeeper makes errors. Look at Cassillas for example, he made a horrendous error in the last match, too bad Oliveira couldn't capitalize on that chance. Valdes needs the fans support.

As for Eto'o, I hope he stays and renews with us. He is too good and too young to just let go like this.

kamikaze kontiki said...

wow, thats a new one. So we gotta keep waiting for VV's errors to dry up. Figure that he will eventually reach the bottom of the well?

I can appreciate it if he spilled a hard shot or punched a difficult cross to an opposing team player. But VV's passes to the opposition are indefensible. Any 12-yr could have done better than that.

And far from getting fewer VV seems to be perfecting these passes to the opposition in that previously at least the player would have had to stretch to his left or right to meet the ball but this time Valdes made sure he got it pin-point perfect to De La Pena's feet.

Anonymous said...

So? It's halfway through the season, what do you want the club to do then? I'm sure we'll get a good keeper come this summer. But for now we're stuck with Valdes for better or worse. So all I'm saying is give the guy a break and show some support rather bashing him left and right.

Anonymous said...

how can people say this is valdes first mistake remember the away game against espanyol when he let that goal in he couldnt catch the ball and gave it to coro n then he scored that was another mistake we need to get rid i can believe he still here

Anonymous said...

maybe just maybe hes a closet espanyol fan i mean in the match pics of the game v espanyol im sure u can see vakdes have a cheeky wry smile???

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