Thursday, 18 December 2008

Caceres doesn't want to leave on loan in January

Asked if he would consider consider leaving Barcelona in January because of the lack of playing time, Barcelona defender and Uruguay international Martín Cáceres (21) has said at a press conference that a loan is not an option right now:

"I could consider a loan move if my situation at the club doesn't change but then we're already talking about the long term. That would be something for the future, I'm not thinking about it right now.

I have not felt disappointed at any moment so far. At this moment I'm relaxed, although I recognize that it's very difficult to find a spot in the team because everything is going that good this season.

I'm not getting a lot of chances to play but that's not a big problem at this moment. I cannot complain and I can only keep on waiting. But when this would continue like this for a longer period, of course one will start thinking about a move.

I'm ready to play when needed and I'm not feeling extra pressure when I can play. I try to take advantage as much as possible of the minutes the coach gives me and to show what I can. Like with the others, Guardiola always tries to help you understand what he wants you to do on the pitch. I'm happy to be at a big club and generally speaking I'm learning a lot during my first season at Barça."

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Anonymous said...

its true caceres has got less playing time than most players but he should wait for a chance and dont talk to the press about it
hleb isnt getting much chances too but i havent seen him say anything...

also his performances havent been that good,we now have 4 cbs if you exclude milito,and i would pick puyol,marquez,pique over caceres any day,he really should work as a right back or left back since we have only dani and abidal(i dont count sylvinho,he just keeps a spot.)

Anonymous said...

I'd pick Caceres over Pique. At least, maybe rotating them would be much better.

Anonymous said...

HouseMD no offense but Pique is way better at the moment than Caceres... Apart from 1-2 matches, Pique has been quite solid and impressive as a CB... The only thing i believe is a little bit of stamina and of course experience but nevertheless he is surely to be the new Puyol

Ramen said...

Meh.... It depends who the other defender is. I'd rather play Caceres with Marquez and Pique with Puyol. Last year, we had a problem with our defense because Puyol and Milito are both stoppers. Since Puyol and Marquez are totally different defenders, our defense is extremely tight.

That means that Barça needs "un libero" or sweeper (Marquez or Pique to an extent) with one stopper (Puyol or Caceres). 2 stoppers or 2 liberos won't work in the Barça system as shown last year.

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