Friday, 12 December 2008

Eto'o training on his own

Barcelona forward Samuel Eto'o has yesterday afternoon been training on his own. Because of personal reasons, he didn't take part in the morning training session with the permission of the club. He'll rejoin the group today.


Alvin Lee said...

Personal reasons? Oh oh =(

Anonymous said...

lets hope the reasons are +ve reasons.. and lets hope the pay-off. Hatrick V MADrid wld

Anonymous said...

What does this mean??????? I am confused and scared that this might affect his performances now and for the future.

apakabar said...

I believe it is because of the ongoing trial regarding his 6 years old son being abused by a former friend. It is said to have happened back in 2006 when he was regulary baby sitting Eto's son some weekends while Eto'o was training or playing matches.

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