Thursday, 11 December 2008

Poll result - Man of the match: Shakhtar

This is the final result of this blog's Barcelona-Shakhtar: Who was our man of the match? poll:

1. No one 23%
2. Hleb 17%
3. Busquets 12%
3. Sylvinho 12%

see full results here
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Anonymous said...

Guys who voted for no one have clearly not watched the match and know very little about football. Anyone could see that Sylvinho has given more than 500% out their, despite being at 34 and playing very little he stole the show, and that goal was a stunner, even Busquets was solid holding the midfield and scoring. I did´nt expect us to win, we were basically playing with our reserve team and they actually did a good job against a top flight European club with first team players. Props for that.

Anonymous said...

Pep, I think "No one" should not be a Choice For Man of The Match. If you dont think anyone was the man of the match just dont vote for anyonoe. I agree with FCBFan on Sylvhino and other players. But either way this is a great blog and just keep up the great work.

pep said...

Well, EZ1, there are arguments for it but at this moment I think that if you don't have that option, you miss something. Like on this game, it's significant that one fourth of the people doesn't really thought that one man was shining.

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